Jan. 31st, 2013

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Hello all! I feel like it's been an age.

Another Porn Battle round has ended (but fortunately [profile] salt_burn_porn is looking to start up.:) I managed to get three stories in the Battle which is less than I'd planned but more than I managed to finish any other round so I'm counting it as a win. They're already on AO3 since PB had a collection there but now that the round's over I'll start posting them here over the next few days. Two of them were for fandoms I'd never written before (and I admit, one was filling my own prompt because dammit, someone was Danny/Luke this round) and one was an SPN rarepair. So at least I'll manage to get something posted this month! /o\

Also, [personal profile] mizz_destiny tagged me with the icon meme, so I'll post that tomorrow.


All caught up on Once Upon A Time and I really want someone to write fic where Victor decides he's going to court Ruby like a Proper Victorian Gentleman and she's both boggled and kind of charmed by the whole thing. At least until she finally runs out of patience and deflowers him right there on one of the diner tables, because no one will convince me that guy knew the touch of anything except sweet black and white Science until he landed in Storybrooke.

I really need this in my life, guys.


Today is my brilliant baby sister's 28th birthday. How the fuck did that happen? Jesus. *starts comparison pricing walkers*


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