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So there was realistically no way I wasn't signing up for [community profile] hc_bingo, especially since there was universal amnesty for my utter failure in round 3. (Not that it was a total failure - Contingencies and Guide You Home both came from that card - but I never made a bingo and I completely forgot about amnesty. /o\)

So, let's look at the new card, shall we?

loss of possessions magical trouble culture shock restrained making deals with demons
invisibility experiments by evil scientists family depression runaways
loss of home / shelter kidnapping WILD CARD heat stroke hostile climate
forced soulbonding natural disasters loss of limb / limb function amnesia sex pollen
undeserved reputation poisoning planet destruction bruises time travel gone wrong

Lots of good stuff there (time travel gone wrong! Evil scientists), just argh, I wish they were in better order. I actually have a Dean/Cas WiP that would work really well for the invisibility square, and obviously amnesia works for SPN too - although at the same time I have a nice and angsty Arrow plot bunny for that, too. Culture shock works good for Arrow too, and I can already tell I'm gonna have a hard time restraining myself from writing a "Slade sells his soul" demon deal. But kidnapping! Kidnapping goes with everything! And it goes doubly good with evil scientists! So many choices!

Maybe I'll see what square wins out for the first fic and put up a poll. That's what I did for kink_bingo two rounds ago, and that's the round I actually managed to make a bingo.

(Speaking of kink_bingo, there will be fic this weekend because I have to post something for that before amnesty ends on Monday. /o\ The last part of the DVD meme should also go up this by then, too.)

It's been a while! How goes all of you?


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