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But before we get back to that thing we all forgot I was doing, look! Shiny!

So much fun with this last year. All of the fun of a comment ficathon with a super teeny tiny commitment.

(And a special enticement (maybe?) to Arrow fans: I am pledging right now to fill any and all* Slade/Ollie prompts to this. Because dammit, it's hiatus and we need to get our fic on before canon inevitably does what canon does.)

*Unless someone posts, like 30 prompts in a row. Not cool, hypothetical jerk who would do that.


(Prompts can be filled by more than one person, so I'm not hogging the prompts or anything. Just making a solemn promise.:)


Day 07 - Least favorite episode of your favorite TV show

I'm really forgiving of shows I love. There are episodes of Supernatural and Doctor Who I love more than others but I've never felt like an episode was a complete waste of time. There's always one scene, a great line, something that saves it (I mean, the ghost truck episode is no one's favorite but I miss conversations that didn’t start with “this killer truck” is fantastic.) So those two are out. And the episodes of BSG the fandom tends to disdain, like the black market episode or the union strike episode were the ones I really liked because I was much more watching the humans rebuild their society than the Cylon politics.

Love the first season of B5, even the episodes that are admittedly super clunky.

Even the series finale of Smallville which I 95% hated hated hated had that one perfect scene.

So like I said, I'm pretty easy going. It's not hard for me to find something to love in even subpar episodes.

Except for the $#&^$# tattoo episode of Lost. Toss that into the fire and watch it burn.

(Special runner up for every time Q showed up on Voyager. Seriously, the hell was that?)

Rest of the days )
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I am super blocked, so let's try this: (from the always brilliant [livejournal.com profile] etherati

1) Pick a fic I've written.
2) Give me a twist - a different AU, different order of events, genderswap, character swap, whatever. More than one is okay as long as it's manageable!
3) Pick a scene or else leave it up to me and I'll pick one.

And I will rewrite a scene from that fic for you, using the requested twist.

This will either be awesome or a complete disaster. No middle ground!


Aug. 17th, 2012 01:14 pm
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I am morose and meloncholy over not being able to finish my fic by the DCBB deadline (I will still finish! I just could not unsnarl the plot in time, and intend to cheerlead the hell out of all of you who did make it!) Also, I was peer pressured into signing up for [livejournal.com profile] salt_burn_porn, which now in the cold light of day seems like a fit of terrifying madness.

So I propse a solution! As a warm up for SBP, "tag" me with a prompt and I will attempt to porn it up over the weekend. If it's the style of what'll be looking at in SBP, all the better!

(I make no promises as to pairing. Or to quality.:)

ETA: Okay, that's seven prompts, officially making this a week long event (God help me.) Prompts closed!
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(which is of course totally different from the pants party.:)

Internets, I have had a day. Not a bad day, really, but just a day of running around going "That thing! Where is that thing?", then finding it and ten minutes later having to go "That other thing! Where is that other thing?" And on top of that it's rainy and blargh and traffic was wretched and I have to do dishes in a bit.

And while I can't watch the premiere tonight I still want to celebrate, so here's what we're doing: prompt me.

Give me a one word (or two or three, whatever) prompt


request a missing scene/coda/timestamp/what-have-you from something I've written

and I'll write you comment fic. See? Party!

(It may not happen immediately, but I promise I will answer every prompt!)

ETA: I am working on everything! *flail!* The party will go all weekend, so anyone who came late feel free to join in!


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