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OH HEY GUYS IT'S PORN BATTLE TIME AGAIN! Or prompt time, anyway. Every year I make plans to do thid and every time I fail, but this time will be different! Porn Battle is an especially good excuse to give smaller fandoms and rare ships some play - I know I submitted some rare pairs in with my usual suspects.(Anything to entice someone to write some John/Bill/Ellen! And I'll have to leave some more, since I just realized forgot to prompt any Dean/Cas/Lisa, which cannot stand.)

(True Story: I first got the idea for Take The Wheel by perusing battle prompts - someone had prompted "Dean/Jimmy, constellation" and my brain went "Ooh. How would that go?" That led to the scene were Dean and Jimmy are looking at the stars, which led to how they got out to that side of the road, and the rest of the plot started to fall into place from there.


It's also [profile] spn_j2_bigbang time again! Writer's sign-up and Artist's sign-up. I'm already in there, so join me! Exit Wounds sequel or bust in 2013!


Because three things make a post, there is a new play on Broadway called Picnic.

Sebastian "Bucky Barnes" Stan is in it.

Looking like this.

You're welcome, internets! (and thanks to [personal profile] musesfool for posting the pretty in the first place.)
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Now that I've signed up for [livejournal.com profile] homebrewbingo (I know! But there's no deadline so it hardly even counts) I officially have Too Many Bingo Cards to wrangle. This is just a post to keep the active ones in one handy-dandy place. I will add to it as needed.:)

Kink Bingo )

H/C Bingo )

Homebrew Bingo )


Okay, I'll put some content in here after all.:) I got a comment on This Temporary Flesh and Bone noting that I've written a lot of wingfic (which I have!) and tend to mix up how Cas' wings look (which I do intentionally - part of the fun of not having a canonical standard for his wings means we can make them look however we want.) I've been meaning to tag my wingfics as such for a while, so while I'm doing that I thought it might be fun to list what I've done where. Or incredibly self-indulgent! It can be two things.

(I'm leaving out fics where Cas' wings are mentioned but not described in detail - in The Road From Sodom his wings are mentioned a lot as body language, but Uriel doesn't rhapsodize about them any more than he would Cas' arms, and Cas having wings is a big plot point in Somethings That Are Broken but the story's from his POV, so they're not a visual focal point.)

Wings: White and feathered, silky to the touch. (This was baby's very first Dean/Cas fic! I wrote it for the 2010 [livejournal.com profile] fandom_stocking.)

Shimmer and Shine: Feathers that glitter like diamonds and can only be seen reflected in a dream.

Black As Night: Iridescent black feathers, the black as an analogue to how his True Form wings were damaged in Hell.

Needle And Thread: Iridescent black again, this time because Cas had been badly injured when they manifested, with him able to shift the highlight colors (he changes them from a blue matching his eyes to a green matching Dean's.)

Learn Your Body Like A Nursery Rhyme In Braille: Multicolored light all blending together to make a white light to bright to look at, feathers simultaneously feeling soft and like a finely cut jewel.

This Temporary Flesh And Bone: Shadow made solid, the feathers soft and clingy like smoke.

Look, Up In The Sky: White and feathered again. (He's a winged alien superhero in this, so he has comic book-style angel wings.)

Outrun My Gun: Filigrees of light. (I didn't actually tag this one, since the wings are only there for a few seconds, but Dean remembering them is important. And they're pretty.:)

The Second Hand Unwinds: Bright light again, although them manifesting is not a good thing the two times it happens.

That should be all of them? I think that's all of them.
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So the biggish news from Marvel world this week is that Marvel Studios got back rights to Daredevil and Punisher. (I hadn't heard the news about Punisher until reading that article! I'm one the dozen that actually liked Warzone, but it was doomed to rebootdom since Ray Stevenson is Volstagg now. Hope they can do something good with Frank.)

This of course means I was correct that we will in fact never get Clint sniper dueling Colin Farrell's Crazy Irish Bullseye across Manhattan. But you know what we could get if Marvel keeps the script idea for Daredevil that was floating around before Fox lost the rights, a Frank Miller-influenced story set in the '70s? (Which I thought was an interesting take, since the Hell's Kitchen of today is much more gentrified than in Daredevil's best stuff.)

If Marvel Studios does a 1970s set Daredevil with Bullseye as the villain (and why wouldn't they?), they could totally reveal Bulleye to be Clint's dad.

Huh? HUH?

*goes back to porn writing*
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Today is August 16th, the 35th anniversary of the death of my most favorite of all musicians, Elvis Presley. To commemorate TCM is having an Elvis-athon, including Jailhouse Rock and Viva Las Vegas.

Two true facts about me!

1) Elvis was my first celebrity crush. (possibly only predated by my crush on Luis from Sesame Street. Luis/Maria is the first pairing I remember consciously shipping, long before I entered first grade and was all OTP about He-Man/Sorceress. I started young.:)

2) The first record (and yes, it was a record) I actually owned was an Elvis Presley Greatest Hits. I got it for either my 5th birthday or for Christmas that year (I just remember unwrapping it at my grandmother's house, not the occasion.) Whenever I would listen to it I would stare raptuously at Elvis' pretty picture on the cover. I don't know if this was the beginning of my weakness for dark-haired, blue-eyed men or merely the first manifestation of it.
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I don't usually repost my twitter shenanigans, but today's descent into madness amused me.

It started when I found this review of a novel called "A Breath of Eyre" at Dear Author. Doesn't worry, I groaned aloud at the horrifying pun in the title too.

Immediately on reading that, to twitter!

@Gambling4Kitten: Always kills me how the original being public domain magically makes fanfic of it a "retelling." #inthewrongfandoms http://po.st/6oip8k

‏@Gambling4Kitten: That link is a review of a book about a girl who falls Fushigi Yuugi style into Jane Eyre. A for reals, $9.95 on amazon book.

@Gambling4Kitten: It's part of series - in the sequel she falls into The Scarlett Letter. I am not even making that up. #publishedfanfic

I can't get over that, BTW. The Scarlett Letter, of all things!

For some this brings hope!

@charxthree: @Gambling4Kitten a good sign when I am allowed to edit the mess that is my #junowrimo novel. A good sign indeed.

Then of course, because this is me:

@Gambling4Kitten: The temptation to write, say, D'Artagnan/Athos fic and bill it as a "transgressive retelling" is running high right now. #allImsaying

(For those who haven't read The Three Musketeers you wouldn't even have to do a lot of canon stretching, especially if you set it after everything goes down with Constance and Milady. Everyone's in love with Athos and goes on at length about his nobility and general awesome. Older-and-wiser D'Artagnan making a point of pulling Athos from his brooding despair is a perfectly cromulent interpretation of canon. And on that note, must add that to my Yuletide list.)

Enabling occurrs!

@charxthree: @Gambling4Kitten #nanowrimo is coming. #campnano is upon us #justsayin

All progresses as you'd expect:

@Gambling4Kitten: Course, the moneygrab is dystopic steampunk YA where the MCs recall their past lives as Musketeers and reteam to overthrow the Evil Regime.

This would be a trilogy, obviously.:)

Finally, this happened:

@Gambling4Kitten: I feel like starting a tumblr called It's Not Fanfic If It's Public Domain. The Austen profics alone can keep me going for a while.

And I said that in jest but I'm starting to think that might not be a terrible idea? It would require me of overcome my Tumblr Fear but some exasperated/affectionate snark that still being under copyright is what really separates a fic on AO3 with five kudos and, say, Wicked.

(Not that I think people should violate copyright! And it would be affectionate snark, because I've read Susan Kay's Phantom too many times for it to be anything else.)
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Oh yay, now I only need a Maria Hill icon to complete the Agents of SHIELD set (of the major players, anyway, and I'd rather have comics!Hill icon anyway - not that I don't like movie Maria, but comics Maria, especially Director Hill version, is a boss.)

Anyway, this weekend was a giant lost cause writing wise; I didn't make my word count nor did I finish anything. Ugh. Ugh. Must do better tonight because the DCBB pressure. The pressure!

Also, someone needs to write a story where Nat and Clint infiltrate Comic-Con to score those vintage cards for Coulson. It could be a multi-year quest! His birthday's right around con time (July 8th, I believe) so his birthday gift each year could be new cards for his set (Clint would secretly plant them in his locker to avoid fraternization rumors, at least at first, and then it would just become a thing.)

(BTW, fandom, I love you but we need to have a discussion about Natasha's name and how yes, Coulson calls her Tasha but Clint calls her Nat. He calls her Nat all the time! If everyone's calling her Tasha it only makes me lose track of who's talking, especially when I'm trying to speed read fic on my phone during breaks at work. Think of me and my addled brain, gentle fandom! (And on a purely shipping perspective, that the two men in her life call her by the two separate sides of her name is part of what makes me so gooey about the three of them.))

Speaking of things that should be written, has anyone written the AU where in the hiatus before White Collar S4 Coulson recruits Neal for SHIELD? (possibly because Peter calls in a favor, because you know they were both classmates at Quantico before Fury waltzed in and seduced him away.)

Yes, fandom. Do these things. *nods*
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[livejournal.com profile] sncross_bigbang progress:

I'm now on the last chapter and plan to get at least another 2K down tonight (there's a hurt/comforty bit up next and I'm hoping that flows pretty well.) I'm really, really hopeful I can finish this weekend so I can dive into [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang.

People, please, never let me sign up for this many things again.

Also, while I have not seen this week's episode yet I've spoiled myself just enough know that my favorite bit of S7 fanon has apparently become canon. I no lie clapped my hands like seal when I found out.

In less squeeful news, apparently no Hunger Games tomorrow. Aw well. This give me time to run to the comics shop, I guess.


I watched Hour of the Gun on TCM on demand this afternoon (because I will watch anything involving Doc Holliday and not starring Kevin Costner) and I think it's actually slashier than Tombstone. I did not think that was possible. There's a scene where Doc confronts Wyatt about his mad vengeance quest - Wyatt has so far gone out of way to kill everyone associated with Ike Clanton instead of arresting them - and tries to get Wyatt to take a swing from his whiskey flask. When Wyatt refuses Doc needles him more, telling him "If you're gonna kill like me you might as well drink like me, too."

And then there's another scene where Doc tries again to pull Wyatt back, telling him if he kills Ike without even the paper sanction of the law there's be no coming back, that the law means too much to Wyatt and, I quote, "You can't live the way I do." I lost count of how many scenes there were of Doc just skulking around watching Wyatt and a good chunk of the movie is just the two of them alone, together on the hunt.

Also, movie, you can't have Wyatt Earp gun down Ike Clanton in Mexico and still claim "This is how it really happened." Really, now.
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I cannot adequately express how happy this existing makes me:

Ahem. As you were.



I'm retreating to my spoiler proof bunker now to write All The Words. Love your spoiler cuts and don't burn the internet down while I'm gone!
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Guys! GUYS!

Tonight, PBS! Great Performances! 7PM! "Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall!!!


*twirls around in fangirl glee*
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Hey, remember Bible Study, my fic where Dean and Cas have phone sex via the Bible?

It's currently sitting at precisely 666 hits at AO3.

(Sometimes it's the little things that get you through the day, y'know?:)


Feb. 4th, 2012 11:55 am
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First things first! [livejournal.com profile] dark_fest prompt claiming is now a go! I don't think I'm grabbing anything this round (as mentioned, writing All The Things), but this is probably my favorite fest and in general I love seeing what prompts people claim.

(But guys. Guys. THIS PROMPT: Supernatural, Castiel/Dean, When Castiel loses control during sex, he leaves marks seared into Dean's skin. Dean hates how much he likes it. Someone please take it so I don't have to.)


[livejournal.com profile] super_disney continues apace! (And I successfully managed to not bow to temptation and grab another prompt because seriously, no.) It's at about 3600 words now, which is right around the rate I wanted to have, and can I just say how nice it is to have a story that just flows for once. I mean, knock on wood and all that, but when I was writing A Star to Steer Her By there were whole sections where I could only write two lines before everything ground to a halt. This is a nice change! Here's hoping it stays this way (and that this isn't a sign the big bangs aren't going to be more teeth pulling sessions.)
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I finally saw Tangled! It was just as cute as everyone said it would be. I actually liked it a lot more than I did The Princess and the Frog (which I also liked! but I also thought it was a very careful movie, if that makes any sense? Like they made sure to hit all the Disney notes point by point. If the whole movie had been as cool and daring as the art deco scene and the "Friends on the Other Side" song it would have been a stronger movie. I digress.)

cut for spoilers for the three people who still haven't seen it )


I was looking up angel names today and came across this:

Elemiah – Angel of Inward Journeys
Traditionally believed to watch over and protect those who travel by water. Guides us to retrieve insights from our subconscious minds.

"Traveling my water" you say. (AND subconscious insights!) *files away for future use*


So I finished my outline for my [livejournal.com profile] sncross_bigbang and, um...guys, should outlines be 1300 words? I think I'm doing this wrong. Now I'm trying to avoid the mistakes of my Outrun My Gun outline, where I'd write "Dean and Cas haunt Sam as he summons crossroad demons, goes hunting, etc." and that would mutate from one line in the outline to pages and pages and pages in reality, but I'm starting to get worried on just how long this is going to be.(!)

(For anyone not already bored to death, I "outline" by basically writing a one sentence or so summary of each scene. For example (not from anything): "Dean and Cas realize the room is trapped but can't get out of the way before ring of fire catches them both - they go back to back as the demons swarm in and then FIGHT." Sometimes a line or two of dialogue if I want to make sure I remember it.

This is a lot of scenes, is what I'm saying!)

*despairs of what the [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang outline will look like.*

*starts working*
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I spent the first work day morning of 2011 stalled out on the side of the highway waiting for a tow truck. Anyone want three guesses at how I spent the last work day morning of 2011?


And mind you, these are different cars. *throws up hands*


I love the year end fic meme going around. I'll do it either tonight or tomorrow, but I want to post one last thing first (nothing super exciting, a [livejournal.com profile] deancaskink fill I'd forgotten to post up properly).:)


"Great Expectations" by Gaslight Anthem came on yesterday during the drive home and that song. It's such a John Winchester song, John alone in the car talking to Mary (Mary, this station is playing every sad song/I remember like we were alive), John thinking over the wreckage of his empty life after Sam runs off to Stamford. (everybody leaves and I'd expect as much from you)

John talking to Mary and maybe to Ellen too, thinking back to really knowing jack about hunting but he's lucky enough to fall in with Bill and Ellen Harvelle and they don't laugh too hard at him when he screws up, back to that little window of time when he thought maybe he could be happy again. (And I learned about the blues from this kitten I knew/Her hair was raven and her heart was like a tomb/My heart's like a wound.) But then Bill dies and it's his fault, he knows that even if no one else does, then when he goes back to the Roadhouse with Bill's blood on his clothes he's got Bill's little girl looking at him with her dad's eyes and he can't tell Ellen the truth, not with the risk she might forgive him. So off he runs, back to the road and his boys and Mary's ghost sitting shotgun.

(Mary, I worried and stalled every night of my life/Better safe than making the party) And maybe there was that one other chance, the little fantasy he built with Adam and Kate, but that he sabotages right from beginning because he's not John Winchester with them. This is the life he and Mary used to talk about, drinking beers on the hood of his car, but he lives in it like a shifter and tells himself it's for their own good.

He knows the truth, though. He feels it when he's back on that open road and the song that played the night he met Mary comes on and he knows in his bones that this life is hell but it's easier than turning around and risk ever again. Besides, Mary's still his wife and there are nights he can almost get drunk enough that investigating her murder is almost like her being there again. (I never had a good time, I sat by my bedside, with papers and poetry about Estella)

Because John's back in 'Nam, and he's not winning this war either but John Winchester's been killing since he was eighteen years old. Maybe he knew something else once, but it's been a long time and a lot of road since then. (I saw tail lights last night in a dream about my old life/Everybody leaves and why, why wouldn't you?)
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Hear me out: Santa is often described as a "jolly old elf" and he's boss of a whole gang of elves that make his toys, so it's safe to say he could be some flavor of fey. From what we've seen of fey on Supernatural, they're greedy, malicious, sneaky little things (so...y'know, they're pretty much fey) and in folklore even benevolent fey have their jerk moments. (I would be shocked if Gabriel didn't go by Puck at some point in his existence.) We don't know for sure what opinion fey have of angels, but if they're anything like everything else it's probably not good, especially if the angel they're dealing with is one working himself up into a truly impressive snit over some fey co-opting the identity of a saint.

Basically, what I'm saying is that I want fic where Sam and Dean have to save Cas from Santa Claus.
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I had a sort of-productive weekend! I wrote two fics, one I just posted a little bit ago: The Beginning Is Always Before Us, one of my semi-annual attempts to be literary.:) The prompt was an absolutely gorgeous Pablo Neruda poem, and obviously I don't come anywhere near matching that I'm rather pleased with it. I've always liked playing with the idea that Cas remade Dean, that he knows him down to his bones. And I think it's the first time I've written Dean's POV without him swearing in the narration. \o/

The other fic I'll post in a couple days; it's a Uriel-POV-on-S4 fic and yes, I know that means maybe two people will care.:) (and one of those two beta read it!) I just really love that enormous SOB.

Needless to say, neither of those were what I was supposed to be writing this weekend. I have to make up for lost time now, especially since the time is rapidly approaching when I have to buckle down on my [livejournal.com profile] jimmybigbang.

Oh, and I submitted my fic for [livejournal.com profile] deancas_xmas! *confetti* And I actually managed to submit an item for Gishwhes, proving that I'm not a useless drain on my team! (I'm hoping to get one more in under the deadline. I just need better glue. Gummy bears are apparently a much more difficult art medium than I'd thought.:)

How went everyone else's weekend?
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So...GISHWHES. Has anyone signed up? Because I can throw together an essay at the last minute with the best of them if I can be on your teams.


Yesterday some kind soul filled in my Nick/Ellis L4D2 prompt on [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic and it made me so happy. I love my zombie hunting boys. I once plotted out a fic where the L4D world is actually the same as the 5.04!verse and the Four stumble on the aftermath of the fight at the Asylum, find Cas still breathing and nurse him back to health.

Then of course it all goes south when it comes out that Nick sold his soul years ago for a big score and the contract's come due. He knows it, Cas knows it just by looking at him and Nick tells Cas to look out for Ellis and those other two rubes. Obviously everyone's wrecked when Nick dies, especially Ellis, then Cas casually mentions that they could just go down to hell and get him back.

The only catch there is that Cas says they have to make a stop and drag someone else out of hell, too - some guy named Dean Winchester. Oh, and perform a ritual that will rip the devil out of his living host, one that can only be performed in hell. They're all up for that, right?

Then I realized that's a long, long story and only I would want to read it. *pets zombie hunters*
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I had a lot of sad this past week that I'll post about soon. But not today! Today I came home to find on one of my favorite episodes of Next Gen that doesn't include Q ("I, Borg." My weakness for powerful, inhuman characters falling in with humans is long standing. See also Kosh on B5. And Q himself, for that matter), and now "The Doctor Dances" is on (see, there it is again!) and there is no sad there.

Also, there is pretty, pretty art sitting in my inbox! Art for [livejournal.com profile] spn_reversebang! Just knowing it's there has been enough to keep me asquee all day at work. Guys, so pretty. I can't wait until the 21st so everyone can see the pretty.

On that note, this weekend I'm doing a hard edit on my reversebang; I know that's one scene that needs to be tweaked to make it more canon compliant and I want to poke at the ending. Not to mention all the usual tweaks and polishing, obviously. I want to get this monster into beta as soon as I can so I'm not running around trying to figure things out last minute (the way I usually do!)

I'm also planning on starting on my exchange fic (honestly, the assignment might as well have read "Hey, write the same nonsense you always do!") this weekend, trying to get that done and out of the way. (I have ~ideas~. I have it plotted out, there's just one scene right in the middle that could go either way. Which amuses me, considering what the fic's about. Yes, I know that makes no sense. If anyone is open to me rambling to them about it, let me know.:)

But tonight I'm going to try to write some comment fic. Can I still write things that aren't a gazillion words long? Let's find out!
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I can download Enochian as a font. Oh God bless the internet.

ETA: Enochian! I had to update OpenOffice after install for it to show up; check wordpad first to make sure it's in your system.

Now I have just have to figure out how to code so it'll show up on LJ.
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I got my [livejournal.com profile] spnraritiesfest draft in on time! *throws confetti* Thursday was just me writing all the words to get that thing in under the deadline. And now the editing! So much editing! *sigh*

I rewarded myself by following through on my threat to sign up for the [livejournal.com profile] jimmybigbang (which has grown to be an all-Novak fest, so if you want to write about Claire or Amelia, all good.)

Yes, I'm aware that's like rewarding yourself for doing thirty minutes on an exercise bike with another thirty minutes. Don't judge me.:) Is anyone else signing up? We can be bigbang buddies!


Goals for the weekend:

1) Edit my Rarities fic - the ending needs work, and I think I missed some dialogue notes along the way. (does that happen to anyone else? When I write a scene I usually know I have to hit on points A, B and C, and then the dialogue flows in a way where you realize you completely forgot B? It's like prying the scene apart with a crowbar.)

2) Work on my pinch hit.

3) Try to get another fic done for kink_bingo so I can finish this damned line before the deadline.:) Probably the shaving square; that one's partly done already and should be decently short.

Wooo for holiday weekends.:)
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So apparently whoever's in charge of the polls on the syfy.co.uk doesn't actually watch the shows, because Misha wound up on the Sexy Sci-fi Babes poll (and he is a sexy babe, just, um, not the way everyone else of that list is.:) Either that or whatever intern was in charge of putting that together was a fan and couldn't talk the powers that be into having three actors from Supernatural on the Sexy Hunks poll and slipped his name in hoping the editors wouldn't do a basic google search. And if so, it worked, so hey, good

So obviously Misha got on twitter and exhorted everyone to help him win the poll to, and I quote, "send the internet into an exploding orgy of gender anarchy." Which I think we can all agree is a noble goal, right?


Yesterday's question on the fanfic meme was about whether one prefers canon or fanon, and I realized that I didn't mention personal canon at all, because I do a lot of that. Sometimes personal canon shows up in fic but I have lots of background detail floating around my head that haven't found a way out yet.

As an example, here's five bits of personal canon I haven't yet used (but may in the future):

1) For a while John, Ellen and Bill had a nice poly thing going on, up until John realized he was starting to fall for Ellen and started to overthink everything, both out of guilt for feeling something like that for someone other than Mary and because he didn't realize that Bill's reaction would have been, "Well, of course you're in love with my wife. Who wouldn't fall in love with my wife? Now pass me another beer, would ya?" Then Bill died before they could resolve anything and John went on to torture himself about it for the rest of his life, wondering if he'd let Bill die because he wanted Ellen. This despite the clear fact that he would have set himself on fire if it could have saved Bill. (Look, Dean comes by some of his issues honestly.)

2) Castiel and Uriel were the two angels who visited Lot in Sodom.

3) The reason things came to a head when they did in 4.20 was because Uriel wasn't there to run interference anymore.

4) The reason it looks like Cas' clothes don't fit in 5.04 is because they're Dean's. It was just a matter of convenience for him to borrow Dean's stuff when his own clothes got ruined and he didn't have the mojo to fix them anymore, and Dean just never got around to getting Cas clothes of his own. And he refuses to admit that part of the reason for that is he likes seeing Cas walking around in his old clothes.

5) Another 2014 one: the real reason Cas started in with the heavy drugs, not just the painkiller and stims everyone took but the hard stuff, was because Lucifer found Cas fascinating and made a hobby of walking through his dreams the moment Cas was human enough to have them. And since Dean was destroyed over Sam saying yes in the first place, he felt he couldn't go to Dean with this, so he just sort of...dealt with it the best he could. Mostly by taking anything he could to keep from dreaming --- which of course didn't help things with Dean at all.


Thirty Days of Fanfic

16 – Summaries – Do you like them or hate them? How do you come up with them, if you use them?

Summaries are torture. Torture. There's nothing worse than that feeling of having a fic all ready to post and realizing you have to come up with a summary.

The Other Days )


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