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I just really like bingo challenges, you guys. (Despite my what could charitably be called my lack of success with them so far this year.) Which brings us to [community profile] trope_bingo!

Cut for card. )

Dunno how I feel about this one yet. A plan of attack isn't leaping out at me, so I guess I'll see which square I fill first and then go from there. (Although the "huddle for warmth" square dovetails nicely with the hypothermia square on my [community profile] hc_bingo card. A two-fer!)

(And it's a little alarming how many of these I've already written.:)


So I'm most of the way through the first season of Ultimate Spider-Man and guys, I really want all of you to watch this show (streaming on Netflix!) so we can all talk about its awesomeness. I started watching because Coulson is a supporting character (he's principal of Peter's high school! Or undercover as one, anyway, and watching him "go native" in the role as Fury puts it is a joy) I never expected to fall for the show as hard as I have. It's basically an adorable high school AU with some of my favorite Marvel characters who rarely get this much play. Even Fury is adorable. I'd forgotten how much I like Spider-Man when he's not going around making deals with Mephisto. And the team! I love the team. Even Nova.:) But Ava! And MJ! Harry and Norman! I want to draw hearts all over them all.

And the show just reminds me of how hard I ship Danny Rand/Luke Cage in 616 continuity. I still have some half-written Danny/Luke fic lurking around on my hard drive and I want to read ALL of the cute fumbling high school shenanigans Danny/Luke Ultimate Spider-Man fic there could possibly be. I'm not sure how I would approach writing fic for this show, though; Peter's voice is so strong - he frequently breaks and talks to the audience, for example - that I feel like it would almost have to be first person to feel right, and I don't know how to make that work with a story about Danny/Luke hijinks.

Also, there's an episode with Captain America where he calls Coulson "Phil" and the poor guy almost gets the vapors. (It's clearly a separate continuity from the MCU, so the movie drama never happened.) You know you want to see that.

(I'd also settle for fic where Clint and Natasha drop in on Phil at "work" and make his life miserable.:)

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Let's talk about Arrow! Mostly because I have a shiny new Det. Quentin Lance icon (even thought I suspect based on the candles it might actually be of Harry Dresden but WHATEVER, I am bad at icon making.) I've long had a soft spot for cops who are great at their jobs but bad at their lives so Det. Lance rising to the top of my favorites list should surprise no one. Especially since he is completely right about Ollie being a murderous vigilante! I am so sad that Ollie will inevitably get him killed so there can be added angst between him and Laurel, let me tell you.

I want fic where Quentin and Renee Montoya are friends going way back and she comes skulking around after the whole arresting Ollie thing, because if there's anyone who know about dealing with your grief and stress by climbing into a bottle it's her. And then after the inevitable happens she can Question around Starling City keeping an eye on things.

(I really miss Renee, guys. Reboot DC is dumb in so many ways, but that's one of the worst.)

So Arrow is kind of cheesy and completely totally slightly derivative (the whole thing with Merlyn is a direct rip from Smallville, and the current goings on bear more than a little resemblance SV's Veritas storyline - although I like Arrow's version much more than I did that) but I love it a lot and it is super fun to snark about on twitter. And there are TONS of DC nods already: so far we've had China White, Deadshot and Deathstroke all show up, and I like what they're done with Ollie's origin story.

Shipping wise, if you liked Tony/Rhodey, especially the first Iron Man movie version, you must check out Arrow because Ollie/Dig is essentially Tony/Rhodey 2.0. They are fantabulous. And since it is the show of completely inappropriate chemistry the relationship between Ollie and his sister Thea (this universe's Speedy, apparently) is, um...intense, so if you're into that kind of thing this is the show for you! And John Barrowman is there, being smarmy and rich! And Katie Cassidy, playing the future Black Canary!

So watch with me! And then make be icons, because seriously, the pickings for Dig and Quentin are pretty slim.:) (It's also a Yuletide fandom, so if you're in a Treating mood. *whistles*)


Mar. 11th, 2012 10:31 pm
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This has been a very bad, no good weekend for big bang writing, so I gave myself permission to play hookey today and write schmoopy comment fic for

Go! Prompt! Fill! (It's for charity!)


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Thank you for all the pretties! So shiny! *hugs for all* And the comment notification seems to have been fixed, although I still haven't gotten the missing ones from last night. It's likely they have been eaten by a grue.


I actually have this in my profile, but since it came up today(!) and no one reads those anyway, for the record: everything I post is absolutely available for remixing, podficcing, art, sequels, and any other fannish thing you can think of. In fact, any of that would be awesome. Hand to God, you don't even have to ask ahead of time, just send me the link when you're done so I can twirl around the room in glee.


Scattered thoughts on the latest Walking Dead )
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Hi, Craig! I just saw you in History Boys, along with Madame Maxine and Werewolf Guy from Being Human and Tony Stark's Dad! *waves*

spoilers for Closing Time )


There's still a day jump in on the S7 premiere Prompt Party! Make me write you fic!
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spoilers for The God Complex )

Now to buckle down and answer comments. And then, hopefully, work on some wing!kink smut. Mmm, smut.
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Yesterday anyone who follows @mishacollins on twitter got this message yesterday:

You are a part of a movement, an uprising. You are now the very definition of civil unrest. Get ready to rumble. www.gishwhes.com

If you go to that site you get a field to enter in your email (and the most complicated captcha I've ever seen), then you receive an email from someone claiming to be Misha's "advisor" saying that you'll be contacted and to buckle up and enjoy the ride. I have no idea what any of that means. Also, the man now has my email. I have no regrets.:)


Went out to look at cars today. Saw some decent prospects. We'll see how that goes.


Should be fic tomorrow! [livejournal.com profile] stellamaris99 is kindly tearing two fics apart for me. Sadly one can't be posted until the end of the month, but the kink_bingo one should be good to go soonish!


spoilers for The Girl Who Waited )
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One of my friends has a doll phobia. This episode did not help.

spoilers for Night Terrors )

Completely unrelated ETA: Writing 5.04!Cas while marathoning episodes of Intervention on netflix is weirdly inspirational. I should have thought of this sooner.
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New Doctor Who in twelve minutes! Neeeewwwwww!

Also I have BBCA now! This is the first new Who I haven't had to watch on the internet in years!


Raining now but no real wind or problems to speak of. And obviously there's power.

To watch NEW DOCTOR WHO!!!!!

spoilers for Let's Kill Hitler )
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Normally Monday is D&D, but game is delayed tonight so I get to watch my show.

running commentary )
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So this looks to be an Ames episode. Someone on the AV Club commented after last week's episode that she was trying so hard to be the Jubilee to Guerrero's Wolverine and I laughed and laughed, because it's true.

Running Commentary )
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"Chance's case comes with a deadly secret!" Y'know, as opposed to every other one he's ever had.

Running Commentary )
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Only one more day to sign up for Yuletide! Join us! (One of us! One of us!)

(My God, I'm totally requesting Freaks next year.)

All of my fandom requests have a least one offer, even Gundam 0083, and just when I was beginning to think I was the only person on the internet who'd seen that anime. And I'm vastly amused that the Human Target requests have doubled (granted, that means it's up to six now) since the premiere last night. The awesomeness of Guerrero compels you!

Speaking of, let's talk about that premiere, shall we?

Musing and spoilers for 2.01 Ilsa Pucci )

Sigh. My guys.
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You all have no idea how much I needed my show back this week.

Running Commentary )

Oh show. I've missed you so.


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