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Only three songs still remain unguessed from The Lyrics Game, so it's time for reveals and pretending I shouldn't have done this a week ago!

2) Now you play the loving woman I'll play the faithful man/But just don't look too close into the palm of my hand

"Brilliant Disguise" by Bruce Springsteen. I long for a The Prestige vid to this song.

Brilliant Disguise )

9) Keeps the kids off the streets/Gives 'em something to do, something to eat/This spot was a playground/This flat land used to be a town

"Black Gold" by Soul Asylum. Yes, I was a teenager in the '90s.:) I made sure to dig up the actual video for this one so you can all see what a beautiful grunge rat Dave Pirner was.

Black Gold )

18) Dead men working a sinner a saint/Mixing up a pail of paint/Painted the house, black as night/When the sun came up the house was white

"Color Me Once" by The Violent Femmes. From The Crow soundtrack, a movie I've seen approximately eleventy thousand times.

Color Me Once )


So it hit me that if you assume that Claire's around twelve in "The Rapture" she and Stiles should actually be around the same age, especially with the one year time skip between S5 an S6. The TW kids are around 16, right? So if she and Derek were cousins she and Stiles would be peers.

(I am not watching two seasons of a show solely to write a hair-cut based crossover. No.)


Okay, brain, here's the deal: If we finish one of the [livejournal.com profile] polybigbang fics this week, we can work on that ridiculously self-indulgent fix-it. Okay? Deal? /desperation


*refreshes flist, looking for [livejournal.com profile] dc_dystopia fairy tale masterlist.*


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I just had the most stupendously evil idea for Prompt I Cannot Claim. It sets up the timeline and establishes who's pulling the strings and I now know both the final scene and the final line.

If someone jumps on this prompt before I'm allowed to grab it I may cry real tears.

(Must write faster.)

(As an aside, there should be more porn!prompt fics this weekend! I've just been swallowed whole by [livejournal.com profile] dc_dystopia).

(Must Write Faster.)
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There are eleven separate scenes in this outline.

Also, there is an outline.

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I don't usually repost my twitter shenanigans, but today's descent into madness amused me.

It started when I found this review of a novel called "A Breath of Eyre" at Dear Author. Doesn't worry, I groaned aloud at the horrifying pun in the title too.

Immediately on reading that, to twitter!

@Gambling4Kitten: Always kills me how the original being public domain magically makes fanfic of it a "retelling." #inthewrongfandoms http://po.st/6oip8k

‏@Gambling4Kitten: That link is a review of a book about a girl who falls Fushigi Yuugi style into Jane Eyre. A for reals, $9.95 on amazon book.

@Gambling4Kitten: It's part of series - in the sequel she falls into The Scarlett Letter. I am not even making that up. #publishedfanfic

I can't get over that, BTW. The Scarlett Letter, of all things!

For some this brings hope!

@charxthree: @Gambling4Kitten a good sign when I am allowed to edit the mess that is my #junowrimo novel. A good sign indeed.

Then of course, because this is me:

@Gambling4Kitten: The temptation to write, say, D'Artagnan/Athos fic and bill it as a "transgressive retelling" is running high right now. #allImsaying

(For those who haven't read The Three Musketeers you wouldn't even have to do a lot of canon stretching, especially if you set it after everything goes down with Constance and Milady. Everyone's in love with Athos and goes on at length about his nobility and general awesome. Older-and-wiser D'Artagnan making a point of pulling Athos from his brooding despair is a perfectly cromulent interpretation of canon. And on that note, must add that to my Yuletide list.)

Enabling occurrs!

@charxthree: @Gambling4Kitten #nanowrimo is coming. #campnano is upon us #justsayin

All progresses as you'd expect:

@Gambling4Kitten: Course, the moneygrab is dystopic steampunk YA where the MCs recall their past lives as Musketeers and reteam to overthrow the Evil Regime.

This would be a trilogy, obviously.:)

Finally, this happened:

@Gambling4Kitten: I feel like starting a tumblr called It's Not Fanfic If It's Public Domain. The Austen profics alone can keep me going for a while.

And I said that in jest but I'm starting to think that might not be a terrible idea? It would require me of overcome my Tumblr Fear but some exasperated/affectionate snark that still being under copyright is what really separates a fic on AO3 with five kudos and, say, Wicked.

(Not that I think people should violate copyright! And it would be affectionate snark, because I've read Susan Kay's Phantom too many times for it to be anything else.)
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I want a story about Clint and Bullseye sniper dueling across Manhattan, specifically the Crazy!Irish!Bullseye from the Ben Affleck Daredevil movie, but I don't want to have to watch it again to write it myself. Anyone else want to jump on that grenade?

Because really, that needs to happen. Especially with movieverse all but saying that Clint used to be an assassin the two of them are such mirrors of each other, good vs evil, bow vs rifle, the two best marksmen in the world trying to land that perfect shot to take the other down. Hell, Clint probably ran with Bullseye in his previous life, adding that little personal oomph to things: that was him, once upon a time. Might still be him, if a couple of decisions had gone the other way.

And of course Bullseye gets to mix business with pleasure because that can't really be Barton gone soft, can it? And if Barton really does think he's better than his old running buddy Lester now, well, Bullseye can show him how wrong he is.

And it's so versatile! Set it post-movie and Bullseye can be hired by an old employer who's spotted Hawkeye on TV and sees a chance to get a little revenge, or even someone who lost a loved one to Loki's rampage, doesn't care (or know) Clint was mind controlled and is rich enough to hire Bullseye to make him pay for Loki's sins.

Or set it pre-canon and have AIM or whoever decide to strike back against SHIELD by assassinating key personnel and when Bullseye gets hired to take out Coulson (and probably Fury too, but first things first) he decides to have some fun with the assignment, placing the shot so it's not immediately lethal - if Clint wants to save him he has to chase Bullseye and win. If Bullseye wins, he goes back and finishes the job, same if Clint cheats and tries to call in SHIELD reinforcements. They used to be evenly matched - Bullseye wants to see if Clint can still take him now that he's decided to be all good. And of course if Clint takes too long....

(Added bonus would be Nat trying to keep Coulson alive while they're waiting to see if Clint can win, especially if it's early-ish in her SHIELD tenure and even she's not sure where her loyalties lie. Because OT3 of my heart.)

So yeah. Someone should do that.
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Before we get started: The 50 Cutest Things That Ever Happened. Although it needs more Maru and Thorgi.


So there's an unpopular fandom opinion meme going around, where you give a fandom and I (or, you know, whoever's doing the meme) give an unpopular opinion about that fandom but I don't actually think I have that many unpopular opinions? So I'm going to alter the deal (pray I don't alter it further!) and just make my unpopular fannish confession and invite you all to do the same? Cool? Cool.

Okay, my unpopular fannish opinion: I really liked S6 of Supernatural. Seriously. Not as much as S4 or S5 (my fannish sweet spots), but as much as S3 and actually a smidge more than S2. I really dug the way they structured it, with all the red herring plots while the Civil War/Purgatory overplot chugged along in the background until it exploded. It was dark and ambitious the way S6 of Buffy was dark and ambitious (something else the majority of fandom hated that I loved, so I just might not be a reliable source). I'm not saying the season didn't have problems - the Campbell arc in particular had pacing issues (I think I've said before that what that arc really needed was an episode where Cas got fed up with Samuel being a distracting irritant and threw him into an AU where his scheme worked and he got Mary back, just so he can finds out what a bad idea that would be) but I loved that season 1000% more than most of SPN fandom. The gut punch reveal at the end of Mommie Dearest is one of my favorite scenes of the series.

So that is my shameful fandom opinion!:) Tell me yours! (Or if you still want to do the original meme, give me a fandom and I'll see if I have an unpopular opinion to share. Or I'll make one up.:))


Fine, story, be that way. I'll just go make Clint sad until you decide to behave.
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Oh yay, now I only need a Maria Hill icon to complete the Agents of SHIELD set (of the major players, anyway, and I'd rather have comics!Hill icon anyway - not that I don't like movie Maria, but comics Maria, especially Director Hill version, is a boss.)

Anyway, this weekend was a giant lost cause writing wise; I didn't make my word count nor did I finish anything. Ugh. Ugh. Must do better tonight because the DCBB pressure. The pressure!

Also, someone needs to write a story where Nat and Clint infiltrate Comic-Con to score those vintage cards for Coulson. It could be a multi-year quest! His birthday's right around con time (July 8th, I believe) so his birthday gift each year could be new cards for his set (Clint would secretly plant them in his locker to avoid fraternization rumors, at least at first, and then it would just become a thing.)

(BTW, fandom, I love you but we need to have a discussion about Natasha's name and how yes, Coulson calls her Tasha but Clint calls her Nat. He calls her Nat all the time! If everyone's calling her Tasha it only makes me lose track of who's talking, especially when I'm trying to speed read fic on my phone during breaks at work. Think of me and my addled brain, gentle fandom! (And on a purely shipping perspective, that the two men in her life call her by the two separate sides of her name is part of what makes me so gooey about the three of them.))

Speaking of things that should be written, has anyone written the AU where in the hiatus before White Collar S4 Coulson recruits Neal for SHIELD? (possibly because Peter calls in a favor, because you know they were both classmates at Quantico before Fury waltzed in and seduced him away.)

Yes, fandom. Do these things. *nods*


Jun. 7th, 2012 06:57 pm
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Tomorrow is my [livejournal.com profile] sncross_bigbang posting day! So on one hand, whooooooo! On the other, it's a five part story so there will be some flist spamming. I beg your forgiveness as always!



Before I go back to coding and just because I'm wondering: What's the strangest/most random thing you've had to research for a fic? Right now I've got a tab open with box scores from a 2007 game between the Cubs and the Mets, because my stupid, stupid brain won't let me wing those kinds of things apparently.

What about all of you? *chin on hands*
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So, level with me, flist: scrolling through the kink_bingo wiki (in preparation for July) and making notes on which ones work really well for Coulson/Clint/Natasha means it's already too late for me, doesn't it?

(Not that I'm not doing the same for Dean/Cas, but it's nice to have an option if, say, I get the phone sex square again. Because that works really well for them.)

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These are Avengers stories you all should write for me!

* Bruce and Tony are totally happy being buds doing SCIENCE! together - except it's becoming obvious that Hulk has a serious crush on Mr. Stark (keeping an extra close eye on him during fights, freaking when he gets hurt, etc.) Eventually they have to admit the inevitable and Pepper can be all, "Finally, you two. I'll have a bigger bed delivered."

* Rhodey gets shot down over a country the US isn't supposed to be flying over and when Tony gets word there's no rescue in progress he goes "Yeah, not good with that" and goes himself. (Bruce can come too! Bring the team! I just want fic that remembers Tony already had a best friend before meeting Steve and Bruce. *grumpy Tony/Rhodey shipper*)

* Now that Life Model Decoys are movie canon, Bruce and Tony are fooling around with one in the lab and accidentally download Jarvis into it, making him kind of sort of human. Cue them helping him figure out all these weird human things and feelings.

* Coulson/Clint/Natasha first times (first time all together, anyway). ALL the first times.

* Clint getting caught in a cave in and Coulson talking him through the claustrophobic panic attack. Then Clint repaying him.:)

* Clint falling in love with Coulson's voice before ever actually seeing him. <--- personal canon.

My birthday is in a little over a month. Just, y'know. Mentioning. Ahem.:) *whistles casually*


Behold this glorious Loki nonsense!


ETA: Photobucket
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Dear Brain,

It is completely counterproductive to come up with [livejournal.com profile] dc_dystopia ideas NOW. That is not how Reverse Bangs work. Knock it off.

No love (as usual),


Already I've had to evade the icy hand of death twice today, once when a woman just completely cut around me to make an illegal turn (only to wind up in front of me at the same red light, because of course), and then later when I managed to almost choke myself to death on water.

*shakes fist* Your move, Grim Destroyer!


*refreshes [livejournal.com profile] sncross_bigbang looking for the draft submission post.*


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[livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang progress:

Ugh, it's already the 12th and I'd hoped to be a couple thousand more words in by now. It's 15K or bust this weekend, I'm telling you.

On the bright side, I'm getting to the part of the story where the dramatic stuff starts to happen, so hopefully that will move things along. I did figure out how to structure a scene coming up later that makes so much more sense than what I'd originally been planning and lets me reuse some characters that show up right at the beginning so whoo! Sort-of foreshadowing!:) And I don't know how, but Zachariah might be a bigger douche in this than he is in canon. I'm actually kind of impressed.

(As a side note, this is the second time in three stories writing Dean as an eighteen-year-old and it amuses me how little difference there is between that and writing him at 30, levels of alcoholism and PTSD aside. Oh, Dean, I love you dearly but a shining example of emotional maturity you're not.)

Oh! I'd been planning on writing another Dean/Cas/Lisa story as a palate cleanser between finishing this and jumping into another installment of Dean/Cas and All The Words for [livejournal.com profile] deancasbigbang - Lifelines was actually my third go at that OT3: my first try wound up way too long for the deadline, bang length easy, and the second was a Five Things story with time travel that I could not make work timeline-wise - when today the solution hit me out of the blue. Apparently taking a scene from that first story and tossing it into the second fixes everything; it was an absolute lighting-has-struck-my-brain moment. It took everything I had to resist twirling around in my swivel chair at work and laugh maniacally.

(Alas, we live in a world where work doesn't allow one to just rush home to write. Have we lived and fought in vain?)
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Assuming I survive this big bang cycle - I'm booked solid for long!fic up through DCBB, since if I don't write that Carpenter!Dean AU I think some of you might actually come to my house and glare at me - I'm thinking about doing a follow up to Exit Wounds. Aside from comment fic I've never written a proper follow up to a story and I want to try it.

Is this a good idea? Would people still care by then? Is there something else I should be doing instead for sequelbigbang (if such a thing existed)?

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[livejournal.com profile] sncross_bigbang progress:

Oh God, there are so many characters what am I doing? There's Dean and Cas and Sam and Neal and Peter and Jones and Diana and Elizabeth, all in this one chapter. Doing things! And I have to wrangle them! Most of my fics are two people in a room! *despairs*

(And I'm going to have add a scene (and a half, technically) to the first chapter, since I realized I'd forgotten to account for Diana and Jones in the original outline. *hands*)


In fic news that doesn't make me break out in a cold sweat (but only because I haven't started writing it yet), I haven't quite figured out the end for my [livejournal.com profile] deancasbigbang fic, (the Carpenter!Dean AU, and this is now the THIRD time I've changed what I was writing for DCBB), but I think I'm comfortably close now. I wasn't sure I liked the idea I'd come up with, but then I got a line that I had to stop and write down that second and I knew this was going the right way. Mwahaha!


There was something else. I hope it was interesting.
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Aw man, I just got plot bunnied hard by a prompt at [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic, but the story in my brain is absolutely not comment fic and I don't have time to write it because I'm signed up for All The Thiiiiiiings.

Why do I look at things? I know my brain!

ETA: Does anyone know of a challenge/bang/fest/thing I can write this for? Preferably with a summerish date, since my March/April is full up with big bangs? *big eyes*


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