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(That is one alliterative header.)

So earlier today I rage tweeted my timeline about...

Well here, I'll reproduce it:

@Gambling4Kitten: If I find one more thing claiming Tony never had a true friend before joining the Avengers my brain will leak out of my ears. #hatedtropes

I hate this trope. Haaaaaaaate it. It was around before Avengers came out but I keep finding stories where joining the Avengers and meeting Steve or Bruce taught Tony the power of friendship and let him finally open up to another human being and then I have to close my laptop before I actually bang my head against the keyboard. How can you watch Iron Man 1&2 and come away with that.?! Even putting Pepper aside, who also seems to be forgotten half the time, Rhodey loves the hell out of Tony Stark (and I don't necessarily mean in a shipping way, either.) Look at that scene in the first movie on the jet, where Tony's gotten Rhodey drunk and he's rambling on about how Tony's better than all this and he wants Tony to find a higher meaning for his life! The man is not a lost puppy who never knew a kind word before hearing the word Avengers, okay?

(Hilariously, this trope actually works with everyone except Tony and Steve (although no one seems to erase Bucky from Steve's backstory the way they do Rhodey from Tony's) - Bruce has been on the run and isolated since becoming the Hulk, and Clint and Natasha's lives clearly weren't rainbows and puppy kisses before joining SHIELD.)

Anyway, last night I stumbled over someone defending this trope, saying that since Rhodey's (and Pepper until the end of IM2, which is another level of wha?) job is handling Tony it means that he was never really Tony's friend. And that in fact, Tony acting like an ass toward him is proof Tony never really thought of him as a friend. And then my brain spun around in my head and I had to recuse myself from the internet for a while.

So! I am begging all of you lovely people for recs. I don't care about ships - ship Tony with Rhodey, Steve, Bruce, whatever. Hell, put him Jarvis, which with LMDs can totally be a thing. Just make it Avengers-era fic that acknowledges that Tony had important, semi-functional adult relationships before encountering Bruce's hot ass (or Steve's abs. Whatev.)

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Meme from everywhere!

First TV show I had self-insertion fantasies about:

Probably Sesame Street? I have vague memories of pretending I could meet Snuffy and Big Bird.

First fandom in which I interacted (online and in person) with other fans:

X-Men comicverse. My family first got internet my senior year in high school (Web TV. For reals) and it was literally a matter of hours before I joined the Gambit Fan Club (remember email lists?) and from there I found CFAN and was able dive in headfirst.

(Unless wrestling counts? I've been going to wrestling shows since way before we had internet, but that's kind of like claiming I'm in the Jets fandom because I went to a game.)

Pairing in the first (m/m) slash fanfiction I read:

Something X-Men related, probably Bobby/Remy. First slash pairing I ever tried to write was Clark/Lex, though. Ah, Smallville.

First RPS/RPF I read:

I've never really been into RPF. When I was into TNA I shipped AJ Styles/Christopher Daniels, but even then I was way more interested kayfabe stories (them as their on screen characters) than standard RPS.

First fanfiction I read that made me think, YES, this is exactly the kind of fanfiction I'd like to write...

Oh, that's easy. "Split-Second Decision," by Lori McDonald, then her Gestalt Arc. There were so many good writers in old-school X-Men fandom.

Pairing in the first fanfiction I wrote:

Successfully wrote, as in posted? Probably Peter/Claude from Heroes. I shipped 9/Rose and 9/Rose/Jack hard but my DW fic leaned more gen, really. I tried to write Clark/Lex but never actually finished anything. My being anything close to successful at this whole fanfiction thing is a pretty recent development.

First OTP:

He-Man/Sorceress.:) (I remember my tiny self being so enraged when the show would push He-Man/Teela.) Oh, and Maria/Luis on Sesame Street! I still vividly remember those episodes!

First RPS/F OTP:

I guess AJ/Daniels? I'm still not really sure that counts.

First fannish friend I met in person:

Still haven’t.:(

First character I formally roleplayed:

Canon character? I played Rhodey in a game briefly but I don't think I have otherwise. I do a ton of roleplaying but even the online stuff has been mostly original characters.
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From last night:

@mishacollins: The tenuous grasp i had on sanity has now slipped completely away. Friday night & I'm on a Skype conference call about database repair.15 hours ago

@mishacollins: I have to say i'm kind of proud that your saboteur rate was not, 1 or 2 people, but about 20% of registrants. You're very antiestablishment! 15 hours ago

@mishacollins: Hey, wait a minute. This isn't right. You were supposed to be pulling all-nighters trying to pull shit together, not me. This is backwards.15 hours ago

@mishacollins: we just sent out emails. Anyone get them yet? 13 hours ago

@mishacollins: Tech support says 6k emails will gradually roll out in 3 hours. We'll post the list in 3 hrs. Break a leg. i'm going to sleep. 12 hours ago

There was more, but those were the highlights.:) Two hours ago, in my inbox:

Hey guys,

The good new is we got everyone sorted into teams at around 1 AM, my time. The not-so good news is when we sent out the 6000 team-assigning emails, the servers crashed. We are simply too big for the Internet thingy.

The reason you're receiving this email is that Constant Contact apparently sends emails through massive bandwidth channels whereas I have created pneumatic tubes.

We are now resending the messages very carefully, treating each message as if it were a tiny, wounded, fledgling bird. Before sending each batch, we are whispering words of encouragement to the messages and saying silent prayers. Hopefully this gentle, coaxing approach will help them reach you. As a backup, I have also been on the phone with a carrier pigeon supplier this morning.

You will get your team assignment. The items list will be posted. As malicious as i can be, i have not been changing the start time just to wear you down, though i wouldn't put that past me.

By way of consolation, we have added another trip to Rome. The winning team will be taken to Rome and, if your team submits at least 5 items, your name will be put in a lottery to join the winning team.

Also, we will be extending the deadline for the Hunt because of the delay in starting.

Remain vigilant! We will prevail!

Your not-so-humble servant,


*giggles helplessly*
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Guys. GUYS! The fic that just got posted on [livejournal.com profile] spn_reversebang is a Misha/Jared/Jensen AU Thundercats fusion.

I am not even kidding. Look!

I fucking love fandom so much.

*goes to read*
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I am full of hibachi. Mmmm, hibachi.


I guess I didn't mess things up too badly, because this was in my inbox after dinner:


Unfortunately, many of you thought it would be hilarious when you were registering to enter "imaginary" friends into the requested teammate field including "Misha Collins", "the Queen of England" and "Sherlock Holmes".

Congratulations on your little database implosion experiment. It worked. We had intended to use our automated team-formation program, but now we must manually sort the 6000 of you into teams of 10.

We are posting the Rules of The Hunt now. However, we aren't going to post the Items List until we have finished assigning you all to teams which should be very soon.

As soon as everyone has been assigned to a team, the items list will be posted and you can go hog-wild.

On other fronts:

1. Read the Rules and Regulations VERY CAREFULLY. This is your Bible for the next week and a half. You must follow all of the rules, so don't skim.
2. Be sure to check this page at least once every 24 hours during The Hunt, per the rules and regulations. It is your "update" page for all things important to the Hunt.
3. It is your responsibility to communicate with your teammates.
4. We suggest using phone, email, skype, and backpackit (they have a 30-day free trial) to manage your hunt.
5. If you have a problem with one or more of your teammates, that's life, work it out, don't complain to us.
6. Submit your items on our submit page per the Rules and Regulations.

Now i know some of you are chomping at the bit to get started, so without telling you exactly what the items are, i'm going to let you know a few of the ingredients that will be going into some of the items to give you a head start. You might want to start assembling some of the following: Socks, beer cozies, cotton candy, a comptometer, A Nobel Prize winner, sock monkey hats, an Eye of The Tiger LP, yoga students, mannequins, kale, mathematicians and most importantly, caffeinated beverages.

Drink the Kool-Aid, it's delicious.


I don't know what amuses me more, that enough people reverted back to being seventh graders passing around an attendance sheet to break the database or that no one seems to have seen that coming.:)

(6000 people!)


Is this a bad time to admit that I'm not very good at scavenger hunts?
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God help me, I love writing 5.04!Cas.


I got into a little discussion about Bela in [livejournal.com profile] seanan_mcguire's LJ and all these seasons later I'm still perplexed by the hatred so much of SPN fandom has for her. I loved that girl. Loved her. If I'd gotten my second choice for [livejournal.com profile] spn_reversebang she was going to be a major character. (part of the plot involved Claire meeting Bela in hell and the two of them wrecking the place.:)

I wish there was some kind of...I don't know, Dream's Library challenge for for [livejournal.com profile] spn_reversebang where people would post snippets of the stories they would have written if they'd gotten their second or third choices (or first choices, as happened in a lot of cases.) I really dig the ideas I had for my second and third choices and I'm always fascinated how two people can look at the some prompt and come up with entirely different stories.


Must leave the house now! I have to trek over to Best Buy to see if I can trade in my faulty GPS for my trip. Pray for me, guys.

ETA: There is no reason why a trip to a mall that is literally five minutes away - by local roads! - should take three hours. None. Bah.
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Just made my [livejournal.com profile] spn_reversebang claim. It's been five minutes and there's already 105 claims in. Holy Moses.

'Night, all.

ETA: I GOT MY FIRST PICK I GOT MY FIRST PICK! *dances* I am so excited. (and sleepy! But excited!)

*starts outlining*
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To all of my wonderful flisters watching the premiere tonight:

1) Have fun.

2) Remember that this is the first episode of a very long season.

3) Think of all of us who don't watch live and use your spoiler cuts. Love your spoiler cuts. Marry them if that's legal in your state and/or country.

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Everyone, thanks again for the birthday wishes. Getting sappy for a second, this has been a tough year and all of you have been a bigger help than you know. *big big hugs*


It's Macro Amnesty Day on [livejournal.com profile] fanficrants and someone made of awesome posted these:

SPN Texts From Last Night )

I keep cycling through which one I love the most.


Should be another question from the fanfic meme tonight, but first I'm bound and determined to break 6K on this fic. I think if I get through this next section I'll be halfway through my outline and God, why did I do this to myself? Why?!?!
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I ask a special favor of all of you.

If any of you ever catch me mired in an internet argument* using the phrase "I'm just looking to have a discussion," please, make me stop. Drag me away. Point me at this post. Just please, please make me stop making a fool of myself.

*(note: not currently in an internet argument)

(goes back to boggling at the mess on [livejournal.com profile] fanficrants)

([livejournal.com profile] sashocirrione, I don't know how you didn't resort to profanity.)
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I'm arguing with trolls on [livejournal.com profile] fanficrants. Someone please pull me back.

LJ notes is getting such a workout.
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Guess who's one of you?:)

Someone get this man to one of the filking cons.
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I have an impressive bruise on on arm from the blood drive yesterday. I'm not alarmed or anything --- the handout I was given included the possibility of there being a "kaleidoscope of color" --- but it is still a fearsome thing. Fiance physically recoiled when I showed it to him.:)


There's a Claude fan wanking it up all over the possibility of this being the last season on some of the Heroes comms (check out Fandom Wank for a blow-by-blow) and it's giving me a severe case of contact embarrassment.

I'm always a little baffled when someone claims up and down that a character couldn't be gay/bi, uh uh, no way, but especially when it's a character like Claude whom know so little about --- like his real name, for instance. He doesn't so much as talk to a woman in his entire time on the show! (In fact, the only time he's even in the same room as a woman, it's because he's trying like crazy to break up Peter and Simone. This is not heterosexual subtext, people.

It's 2010. Can we start backing away from "straight until proven gay" yet? Noah being married does not mean he and Claude didn't let things get out of hand after a harrowing mission. Buffy slept with four guys on BtVS, but she also slept with a woman in the comics and had subtext galore with Faith.


Still plenty of time to contribute to [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti! (I'm going to be pimping this a lot. It's for a good cause!) I'm here, in case any of you would like to bend me to your whims.:) (Seriously, if there's a fic you've wanted me to write --- say a follow-up to an existing fic or a fandom or pairing we have in common you have a perfect prompt for --- this how you can force me to make it happen!
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There are approximately 250,000 fic comms for Supernatural. I watch SPN on DVD so I'm always a season behind, and I just had no idea. How does anyone keep up with this fandom?

I'm kind of awed.
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I had no idea how OTP I was about Shawn/Gus until I started poking around Psych fandom and saw just how big Shawn/Lassiter is. And I mean, I get it, I see where it's coming from (and God knows I love me some adversarial ships) but....

Shawn just loves Gus so damn much. This is the guy who throws temper tantrums when Gus dares to make someone other than Shawn the focus of his attention. Fics where Shawn is all about Lassie and Gus is barely mentioned? Nuh uh. No go.

And I don't even so much ship them romantically as much as demand that they be the most important people in each others' lives (well, okay, Shawn being the most important person in Gus' life and Gus being the most important non-Shawn person in Shawn's life).

(changing subjects, boo to whoever started that S4 Claude rumor! Stop teasing our fragile hopes!)
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I think Heroes fandom has finally come of age. Why do I say this?

Because I stumbled across what I think is the fandom's first AU slave fic. This is a milestone! I think now we only need mpreg to be allowed at the big kids' table with the other fandoms!:)

(Sigh. It would be my pairing, too. But if slave!fic's your thing, there you go. Bring me back some good h/c if you find it!:))


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