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Oliver Queen's definition of "alone" (as in "I was alone on the Island for five years") is, um. Suspect.:) Also, fandom, I have a mission for you! Everyone needs to write me spoilers for tonight's Arrow )


Day 04 - Your favorite show ever

This is an impossible question. How does anyone answer this question?


Okay, let's bypass the usual suspects (because I cannot pit Doctor Who, Supernatural, Babylon 5, Homicide, the first 3 seasons of Smallville, Star Trek etc. against each other for ownership of my heart) and go for the show which has probably episode-for-episode brought me more joy than any other: Mystery Science Theater 3000.


I'm gonna go see if I still have the Manos: The Hands Of Fate theme techno remix on my computer and rock out for a while. 'Scuse me.

Rest of the days )
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Hello all! I feel like it's been an age.

Another Porn Battle round has ended (but fortunately [profile] salt_burn_porn is looking to start up.:) I managed to get three stories in the Battle which is less than I'd planned but more than I managed to finish any other round so I'm counting it as a win. They're already on AO3 since PB had a collection there but now that the round's over I'll start posting them here over the next few days. Two of them were for fandoms I'd never written before (and I admit, one was filling my own prompt because dammit, someone was Danny/Luke this round) and one was an SPN rarepair. So at least I'll manage to get something posted this month! /o\

Also, [personal profile] mizz_destiny tagged me with the icon meme, so I'll post that tomorrow.


All caught up on Once Upon A Time and I really want someone to write fic where Victor decides he's going to court Ruby like a Proper Victorian Gentleman and she's both boggled and kind of charmed by the whole thing. At least until she finally runs out of patience and deflowers him right there on one of the diner tables, because no one will convince me that guy knew the touch of anything except sweet black and white Science until he landed in Storybrooke.

I really need this in my life, guys.


Today is my brilliant baby sister's 28th birthday. How the fuck did that happen? Jesus. *starts comparison pricing walkers*
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So the Yuletide tag set is up for public review, and apparently not only is someone burning to read fic about The Postman (the Kevin Costner film, possibly the most beige movie ever made*) some joker nominated the 2011 The Three Musketeers. The airship one, not the even Disney one with Kiefer Sutherland Athos-ing it up. Yeah, that was my face, too.

And then no one nominated the book!

There's only one response to that. )

But all my nominated fandoms got in so I'm pretty much honor bound to do this now. And while Left 4 Dead 2 didn't get in Human Target did! Whoo! (and I admit, I did snerk that no one nominated Ilsa.:) And the Thrawn trilogy's rejection is being appealed, which I'm super excited about.

(And sure, I could have nominated the book but I needed that spot to nominate movies about martial artist kangaroos. Priorities, people.)

*Tom Petty is, admittedly, pretty awesome in The Postman. I could write a story about Tom Petty. I mean, I won't, but I could.


I know it's been quiet around here, but I've been deep in the word mines the past week trying to make the [livejournal.com profile] polybigbang deadline. I have one finished (new Dean/Cas/Lisa!) and I'm well into the Avengers one so I'm hoping my the end of the weekend that'll be done and can put down a big chunk down on [livejournal.com profile] spn_reversebang. And get back to working on responses to the "Beat Cas with sticks" AU meme.:)

And Tuesday is my 9th LJversary! There will be a ~party~! Of the comment!fic meme variety, presuming I can figure out how to code those link banners!

please come to my party


So, the new Killers song, "Runaways." Someone's already made ALL the John/Mary vids to that, right? Because Jesus.
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First order of business: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISHA COLLINS! (pretend I made that pretty and sparkly, I can only do so much on my phone.) May there be many more and may your celebrations be joyous and result in the minimum number of lawsuits.

As for the comment!porn fics, the first two are safely with [livejournal.com profile] aerilex so she can make sure I didn't give anyone an extra set of hands and the third is started. Since this is fic training for [livejournal.com profile] salt_burn_porn, one a day seems like a good pace. (I'd hoped to have them all done over the weekend, but much of my writing time was eaten up by a truly excellent session of Witch Hunter so I can only complain so much.


Have any of you run across Avengers/Leverage crossovers where Clint and Elliot have history (either good or bad?) Talk about two people who should know each other (or at the very least, of each other.) Coulson and Nate having to circle around each other would be a definite bonus.
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I want a story about Clint and Bullseye sniper dueling across Manhattan, specifically the Crazy!Irish!Bullseye from the Ben Affleck Daredevil movie, but I don't want to have to watch it again to write it myself. Anyone else want to jump on that grenade?

Because really, that needs to happen. Especially with movieverse all but saying that Clint used to be an assassin the two of them are such mirrors of each other, good vs evil, bow vs rifle, the two best marksmen in the world trying to land that perfect shot to take the other down. Hell, Clint probably ran with Bullseye in his previous life, adding that little personal oomph to things: that was him, once upon a time. Might still be him, if a couple of decisions had gone the other way.

And of course Bullseye gets to mix business with pleasure because that can't really be Barton gone soft, can it? And if Barton really does think he's better than his old running buddy Lester now, well, Bullseye can show him how wrong he is.

And it's so versatile! Set it post-movie and Bullseye can be hired by an old employer who's spotted Hawkeye on TV and sees a chance to get a little revenge, or even someone who lost a loved one to Loki's rampage, doesn't care (or know) Clint was mind controlled and is rich enough to hire Bullseye to make him pay for Loki's sins.

Or set it pre-canon and have AIM or whoever decide to strike back against SHIELD by assassinating key personnel and when Bullseye gets hired to take out Coulson (and probably Fury too, but first things first) he decides to have some fun with the assignment, placing the shot so it's not immediately lethal - if Clint wants to save him he has to chase Bullseye and win. If Bullseye wins, he goes back and finishes the job, same if Clint cheats and tries to call in SHIELD reinforcements. They used to be evenly matched - Bullseye wants to see if Clint can still take him now that he's decided to be all good. And of course if Clint takes too long....

(Added bonus would be Nat trying to keep Coulson alive while they're waiting to see if Clint can win, especially if it's early-ish in her SHIELD tenure and even she's not sure where her loyalties lie. Because OT3 of my heart.)

So yeah. Someone should do that.
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So I have signed up for more things. Yes, I know. I know. But only one of them is a big bang!


Thing #1!

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

This is a challenge where you pick a topic and natter on about it for 100 entries, no deadlines, no word count. It's well timed, because I received the Mystery Classics 100 Movie Pack for my birthday and had planned to watch and review my way through them all anyway. Serendipity! (even though there's a fair number of Nigel Bruce-playing-Watson Sherlock Holmes in the mix, so expect some whining from me when I get there.)

Thing #2

[livejournal.com profile] avengers_xbb author/artist sign ups open

This is not my fault. [livejournal.com profile] morganoconner and I were talking about this over twitter and since she's dived headfirst into Teen Wolf she was going back and forth on whether to write werewolf!Clint, so because I'm the worst sort of life ruiner I told her that if she signed up I would write angel!Clint. And she took me up on it!

So I suppose it is my fault. But guys, seriously, the min word count is 5K. 5K! Isn't that adorable?


On the subject of things I've signed up for in the past, I posted my [livejournal.com profile] dc_dystopia fic Spiral on Wednesday! *throws confetti* Now I can dive into everyone else without psyching myself out! Expect a gushing rec post shortly.

And people seem to like it, which is a big relief. I've been enjoying seeing the different ways people are interpreting the ending, which is purposefully ambiguous - obviously I know what I intend that last line to mean, but that's really not as important as what gets taken away from it, you know?

(Although because more than one person's asked, I can't write a coda to make the ending happy. It's dystopia. There is no happy.)


Hey, you know how in Iron Man 2 Coulson loses track of Tony, and when Tony asks him what was up with that he says, "I was doing stuff"? "Stuff" should actually translate to "Clint on your leather couch." Especially if Nat calls them after that scene where Tony surprises her at the office all, "Both of you. FOCUS. I expect better from you. Well, from one of you."

Someone should write that.
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Quick drive by post, since Clint has some important archery lessons to give, but [livejournal.com profile] such_heights is throwing an Avengers Kissing Comment Fic Fest.

So, y'know. Just leaving that here.:)

Also, if there isn't already a science bros story titled "As drunken men find flaws in science" (from Snow Patrol) that just needs to happen immediately.

Finally, this monkey is in a cup.

ETA: Quick icon swap (by [livejournal.com profile] inkvoices!) My heart.
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[livejournal.com profile] sirona_gs is hosting a PAN-FANDOM HIGH SCHOOL AU FIC CHALLENGE!

I'm just coming off writing 37k of HS AU so I think I'm a little tapped out at the moment, but I would not be adverse to, say, Clint and Phil being secret boyfriends and recruiting the new Russian exchange student to help Phil run Nick Fury's student council president campaign (because otherwise Tony might win and seriously, no one wants that.)

Or Dean realizing Cas doing his homework for him is his own version of "as you wish."

*whistles casually*


Changing subjects, SOMEONE needs to make a S7 Cas video to Talking Heads "Once In A Lifetime." It's like I don't even know you people any more.
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I want someone to write me fic where Jimmy gets jarred awake and he and Cas start tag teaming Lucifer. Especially if Jimmy gets to snark about how crowded it's getting in Catiel's head.

Someone please make this happen. *big eyes*
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Ugh, it is just gray and damp and awful and blarg out, and apparently the next few days just promise more of the same with an extra dose of blarg topped with a sprinkling of ugh. It's the kind of blarg that makes me want fic where Team Free Will wind up hunting in Storybrooke (because Dean dealing with Gold and Regina = hilarity) and Dean winds up having to save Cas with True Love's Kiss.

Or just a fic where they're dealing with fey or somewhere that works on fairy tale logic and then True Love's Kiss.

It's a True Love's Kiss kind of day, is what I'm saying. Especially if Dean starts off in full denial mode, because bitchy!Dean-turning-into-frantic-but-trying-to-hide-it-Dean is my favorite.
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Hear me out: Santa is often described as a "jolly old elf" and he's boss of a whole gang of elves that make his toys, so it's safe to say he could be some flavor of fey. From what we've seen of fey on Supernatural, they're greedy, malicious, sneaky little things (so...y'know, they're pretty much fey) and in folklore even benevolent fey have their jerk moments. (I would be shocked if Gabriel didn't go by Puck at some point in his existence.) We don't know for sure what opinion fey have of angels, but if they're anything like everything else it's probably not good, especially if the angel they're dealing with is one working himself up into a truly impressive snit over some fey co-opting the identity of a saint.

Basically, what I'm saying is that I want fic where Sam and Dean have to save Cas from Santa Claus.
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[livejournal.com profile] jimmybigbang progress:

Okay, I realize that's not the most inspiring of word counts, but I've finally got them on the road and the next part (I hope!) should flow pretty well. Really, really hoping, because up through the weekend I'm going to be full bore on my [livejournal.com profile] spn_in_space fic; it's been going too slow and I need to push through the block. I know where I need to be and it's just a matter of typing until the words work.

On a possibly related note, did you all know Niska is not a nice man? And that he, on occasion, does bad, bad things?


Everyone needs to needs gaze upon this awesome pic of Bucky Barnes by [livejournal.com profile] digitalwave (a manip of this equally gaze-worthy pic of Sebastian Stan). We need the Winter Soldier in the movieverse immediately, especially if he's going to swan around looking like that.

I want someone to write a fic where Steve gets word that Bucky might be alive and latches onto it like a drowning man on a plank of driftwood, only of course the other Avengers tell him there's no way it can be true, it's a Hydra trap, Steve, don't fall for it and so on and so forth. Just as Steve's about to lose hope Rhodey shows up and says he'll fly him out there as long as Cap will smooth things over with Fury when they get back. And when Steve asks why Rhodey's doing this crazy thing he just shrugs and says he remembers when everyone told him looking for Tony was a lost cause, and he didn't listen either.

And then they go and have a big adventure and become bros, and Steve's just relieved to be around a soldier again instead of gods and spies and everyone else he's met since he woke up.

Honestly, I'd just really like Avengers fic that remembers Rhodey exists.


I know what I'm going to write to fill three [livejournal.com profile] fandom_stockings so far! If you want me to fill yours, drop me a link!
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So...GISHWHES. Has anyone signed up? Because I can throw together an essay at the last minute with the best of them if I can be on your teams.


Yesterday some kind soul filled in my Nick/Ellis L4D2 prompt on [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic and it made me so happy. I love my zombie hunting boys. I once plotted out a fic where the L4D world is actually the same as the 5.04!verse and the Four stumble on the aftermath of the fight at the Asylum, find Cas still breathing and nurse him back to health.

Then of course it all goes south when it comes out that Nick sold his soul years ago for a big score and the contract's come due. He knows it, Cas knows it just by looking at him and Nick tells Cas to look out for Ellis and those other two rubes. Obviously everyone's wrecked when Nick dies, especially Ellis, then Cas casually mentions that they could just go down to hell and get him back.

The only catch there is that Cas says they have to make a stop and drag someone else out of hell, too - some guy named Dean Winchester. Oh, and perform a ritual that will rip the devil out of his living host, one that can only be performed in hell. They're all up for that, right?

Then I realized that's a long, long story and only I would want to read it. *pets zombie hunters*
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We're watching "Once More With Feeling" and guys, there's fic out there that has Castiel and Anya meeting, right? Fallen!Cas and the former vengeance demon bonding over the indignities of being stuck as human? Cas and Anya sharing war stories about dealing with their respective humans? Cas dropping in on the Magic Shoppe (literally!) during his time travel adventures in "The Song Remains The Same" and Anya explaining, "Yep, that's an angel. So, what was the big ~emergency~?"

It doesn't have to ship fic! Just fic where they're both being their awesome, not-humans surrounded by troublesome humans selves!

This does exist, right? Right?
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Guys, I completely forgot to tell you about my AWESOME DREAM. For those new to my brain, I frequently have dreams I'm not even in, or in just as an observer (and yes, I've had more than one dream where I was watching TV. I never claimed to be a ball of excitement.)

Anyway, in my dream Sam and Dean were watching Lord of the Rings (Fellowship, in particular) for reasons that escape me although I'm reasonably certain it was Sam's idea. Cas zapped in to talk to them about something or other but got distracted by the movie and sat down to watch, too (which drove Dean crazy, because he was more than ready to move on to anything that didn't involve hobbits). Something - I don't remember what - really piqued Cas' interest and he started asking a lot of pointed questions, ones with a lot of canon detail he really shouldn't have been able to know. Finally he asked who the writer was, Dean told him "that dude who made King Kong," and Sam smacked him and said it was Tolkien, which got Cas really excited.

It turned out that Tolkien had been a prophet, but instead of seeing the future he saw the past - which meant that with some liberties taken for the sake of fiction everything in LotR canon had actually happened but had been wiped from humanity's collective memory.

Then some time passed and Cas showed up while Dean was working on the car, said something along the line of "Do you remember our conversation about the past?", then when Dean opened his eyes he found himself in the middle of an orc battle. And was very "son of a bitch" about the whole thing.:)

And I know at one point Cas went to go see Gandalf but don't remember what happened. Which is too bad because that had to be hilarious. (they are both angels, after all.)

Oh! And Sam was fluent in some flavor of Elvish. Because of course he is.:)
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Hey, you know how sometimes when you know you're coming down with a cold you get that sore throat right before? The burny kind, but not strep burny, just *blarg* burny?

So that was how my morning started. With *blarg*.


Y'know, it occurs to me there might be a fandom consensus on this puzzlement of mine: if an in-theory genderless energy being that's come to identify itself as male possesses a female body but still thinks of itself as male and then has sex with a dude, does that count as slash? I have no idea how to label this fic I plan to post in the next day or so. 

(this is the clairestiel one, for those following my kink meme project:)


Fandom: tell me one of you beautiful people has written the obvious SPN/L&O:SVU crossover where ADA Casey Novak is running an off the books investigation into her brother's disappearance and things happen. And then please point me to it, because I need that in my life.

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Y'know what someone should write? A story where Sam and Dean are on a hunt in NYC and run into the Punisher --- or more likely Frank runs into them, because he recognizes them as his old war buddy John's boys and is curious about what brings them to town. Then they fight some kind of mutual enemy --- let's say demon mobsters --- so that we can go as long as possible before realizing just cracked up Frank really is.

And Spider-Man should factor in somehow, because he and Dean snarking at each other would be a thing of beauty.

You could even work in that whole "Frank's an assassin for Heaven" story arc everyone likes to pretend never happened! Poor Cas having to explain that bit of heavenly nonsense would be gold. (Or if it's set present season, maybe Cas recruits him again. That could be one of his regrettable things.)

I'm just saying. Someone should get on that.
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For those who don't watch the comm, [livejournal.com profile] deancastiel is having an Everlasting Birthday Challenge!

It works as such: you comment with your username, birthday, and up to three prompts. Someone picks your prompt and posts the fic on your birthday. Magic!

It's just like Yuletide, except centered around one pairing and not at all anonymous.

Okay, it's not like Yuletide at all, aside from the whole present fic deal. But still! Fic for your birthday!


Speaking of fic: The Last Song by [livejournal.com profile] moorishflower: The very last song is the Song of Solomon, and Castiel sings it only for Dean. Set in "The End."

Oh God, this fic. This wrecked me, a snapshot of when everything went so very wrong. Instant personal canon. (Warning! highlight to read: Extremely graphic, realistic depictions of injury and a harrowing amputation scene. Not for the squemish.


If I had any vidding ability at all I would make a Dean/Cas (Cas POV) vid to Duffy's "Mercy." Just throwing that out to the universe.
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Finally saw the Reboot!Nightmare on Elm Street last night and I actually really enjoyed it. I know, the blasphemy.

I'm not saying it's a GOOD movie, mind. )


Gah. All my writings are coming out stupid today. Work, stupid words!


Has some enterprising SPN fan made an angsty Dean/Cas vid to Sara Bareilles' "Gravity"? Because really, someone should.

Lyrics cut )

*adds to playlist*


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