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Birthdate:Jul 5, 1979
Website:Me on AO3
There are a lot of new people! That means it's time to edit the ol' profile, because what was here was either out of date or deathly, deathly boring.:)

I'm early thirties, live in the wild west that is North Jersey and share an apartment with Lexi, my fuzzy and very sharp kitty. I talk about fanfic a lot, the writing of it, what I've signed up for, recs, the sheer blind panic of ohmigod, why is this not working?!?!. My fandom of choice right now is Supernatural and my main pairing is Dean/Castiel, so the majority what I post will probably involve foul-mouthed hunters and pretty angels, although I have many, many other ships to dabble in. Although to be fair, a lot of them also involve the pretty angel. Other than SPN I like comics, RPGs, sci fi, fantasy, the NY Jets, the Yankees, wrestling, Bailey's, everything Val Kilmer says in Tombstone and baby sloths.

This journal is intended to be very kink and LGBT friendly, so if I mess up anywhere please, just let me know (same with race!fail or any of the other !fails.) Please don't post spoilers; they are my kryptonite. Don't harsh the squee. Do be awesome.

Friending policy: go ahead.:) You don't have to ask, and I don't lock many posts anyway. I generally friend back, but if I haven't and your LJ isn't in another language or blank (or full of uncut spoilers) it probably just means my magpie brain has latched onto something shiny and I'll discover my error later.

Blanket fic policy: everything I post is absolutely available for remixing, podficcing, art, sequels, and any other fannish thing you can think of. In fact, any of that would be awesome. All I ask is a heads up so I can link and so I can walk on air the entire day.:) Just please don't repost anything without asking! I like to know where my fic is so I can edit if I find typos.

If you'd like to follow me on Twitter, I'm @Gambling4Kitten .
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