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Man, I suck at posting everyday.

Hello all! Today I was totally an adult and mailed in my taxes (and crossed myself when I dropped them in the box that I didn't screw something up - I was thisclose to forgetting I had to put the sections of the W2 in the envelope.) Of course, I can't get too excited about the refund because the last time I took Lexi to the vet I found out that her mouth was apparently filthy filthy filth filth and needs a cleaning that should cost in the range of $500+ to $800+. Because veterinary dentistry tools are gold plated and forged with the tears of enslaved pixies.

(Actually because cats need to knocked out for tooth cleaning, because these are vets, not masochists.)

I mean, look at this filthy creature! Look at her:

I'll start the TV meme back up tomorrow. Tonight is for TV catching up (are you watching Hannibal? You should be! And even if you're not, are you reading [personal profile] cleolinda's recaps? You should be!) (omg, last week's Doctor Who! Susan reference! Omega reference! The Doctor, so desperate for something, anything to take his memories! and finishing the Arrow fic no one will ever read and then flailing around some more at my [profile] spn_j2_bigbang fic. (and fic reading for [profile] grasshopr_molly!)

How goes everyone? Tell me what's been happening with all of you!


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