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Cut for So You Think You Can Dance squee )


On the subject of things that make me unreasonably happy, I know it makes me that kind of Yankees fan but few things fill me with more joyful schadenfreude than the Red Sox imploding. Bobby V coaching this team is everything I could have hoped for.

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I'm a Jets fan but my dad's a Giants fan and frankly, any time the Pats go down is good times. (look, Jets fans have to take our joy where we find it.:) Good game, though, and great ending.

And of course the Puppy Bowl was quality as always, although I missed the kitten half time show.


My [livejournal.com profile] jimmybigbang fic is safely in wise beta reading hands, so that's one more thing off my "Needs to get done" list. And guys! There's art in my inbox! I keep peeking at it and getting a big dopey smile on my face. All that work is so worth it when you see the pretties.:)
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I need to vent about sports for a sec. Please forgive me.

My beloved Jets are having some kind of week. Firstly: bye-bye Brian Schottenheimer. I actually never hated the guy like the rest of Jets fandom but maybe Tony Sparano can do something with this offense - I'm a fan of Rex Ryan but as long as he's coach the defense is always going to be the priority and we really need an offensive coordinator who's dynamic and charismatic and creative enough to compensate for that. Schottenheimer is not that guy.

And speaking of the offense, apparently some members of the offense have decided to celebrate not making the playoffs by acting like wankers in the middle of a ship war. "Unnamed sources"! "Prominent players!" The management totally supports them in email, you guys!

I hate it when players go the unnamed source route with the press, there's no surer way to tell that the locker room's a mess. I'm hoping Santonio Holmes isn't in that mess but let's face it, he is. The guy's a fantastic player but he never should have been made a captain. Maybe next year Ryan will make Mangold a captain so he can whip the offense into shape.

(For those not in the know, Nick Mangold is actually a time-displaced Viking warrior. Or Thor. Or both! Google search him and tell me I'm wrong.)

*sigh* Sports, man.


Question for the video game fans out there: I got Miles Edgeworth: Perfect Prosecutor for Christmas. Can I play this even though I haven't played Apollo Justice? I finished the first three Ace Attorney games and from what I understand there's a time skip between those and Apollo Justice. Would I be missing story if I skip a game?
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I mean, I do, because he's terrible, but that was bad even for him. Ugh.


I have arrived! Lexi wants all of you to know that I am a terrible kitten mama who puts innocent cats in cages and straps them into big noisy metal boxes that go very very fast. Or anyway, I'm assuming she wants you all to know, since she did her very best to let everyone else on I-95 in on my horrible cat parenting by yowling at the top of her lungs like she was being tortured. Tortured, I say!

At least she did that for the first half hour or so. Then she settled in and took a nap. Incidently, holy tap-dancing Jesus, did you know it costs $12 to drive into NYC now? You'd think the bridge was made of gold and held up by strands of purest adamantium. They're not using that money to maintain that highway, I'll tell you that right now. I am so very tired. Also, the internet here is currently out so I'm typing this on my phone. Technology!


What happened to AO3? How can I make go back to the way it was? Everything about this redesign is terrible!
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Oh my God, Jets, what was that? Seriously, what was that? Everything about that game was terrible. We cannot do this for the rest of the season! And next week we're against the Patriots, at Foxboro! Pull it together, guys!

[livejournal.com profile] spn_reversebang progress:

Dean's so very unhappy. And it's not about to get better.


Posted another Prompt Party fic! (I'm not doing them in doing particular order,btw,just whichever finishes first. Two down, four to go!)


Seriously, Jets. Pull it together.
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Hey, Michael Kay:

Y'know what? Jorge Posada's a sharp guy. He knows how bad he's hitting, and he obviously knows full well he can't catch anymore. If that all caught up with him Saturday and he needed to take a day to deal with the fact that holy crap, this might be it, he can take the damn day.

Yes, even when we're playing the Red Sox. Seriously. The team will not wither and die because of it. And comparing backing out of a game --- a game he was DHing, not catching --- well before start time to Robert Duran's "No mas"? Absolutely disgusting.

Also, there are no "big games" in May. Really. And no, not even against the Red Sox.



Is there any better feeling than working on a fic and just stumbling on the perfect title? It's like the story suddenly becomes real.
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*happy flail!*


[livejournal.com profile] help_haiti: a fandom auction benefiting victims of the 1/12 earthquake. Bid on me here.


Jan. 10th, 2010 02:44 am
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(apologies to [livejournal.com profile] cereta)

Yay! YAY! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! *twirls around in a circle and falls down*

I am so proud of my guys. So proud! Especially of our GQMF QB!

Who's next? The Pats? Bring them on!


Dec. 3rd, 2009 11:21 pm
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On one hand: Oh no! My poor GQMF! Please don't be hurt! Especially not when Clemens is our alternative!

On the other: I have such a crush on Darrelle Revis. The man is a beast. An interceptbeast. He held TO down and made him cry.
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I missed the parade today and I'm already feeling the post-World Series blahs. I love football, especially my Jets and their poor, put-upon GQMF QB, but there's something magic about baseball you (or I, at least) don't find in other sports. I don't know it it's the rhythm of the game, that the season goes so long it's like every player gets his own story arc, or that it's as much an individual sport as a team one sometimes, but there's something about baseball that's almost art sometimes.

In celebration of baseball and the season's end, my five favorite baseball movies:

The Pride of the Yankees: The paper today had a rundown of all the Yankees' WS wins, and one of the entries made note that Gehrig had first reported feeling poorly in the 1937 Series, and contributed four hits in the 1938 one, his last before stepping down to fight the disease that would claim his life three years later. That was all I needed to go, "I need to watch Pride of the Yankees right now." Virtually everything that makes up the "Yankee" image --- the clean-cut professionalism, the insistence on perfection --- all of that can be traced squarely back to Lou Gehrig. I wish someone would make a biopic of Babe Ruth as exquisite as this one; Gary Cooper in the role he seems to have been born to play, the beautiful cinematography, and that final, heart-breaking retirement speech that seems almost too on the nose, too cinematically perfect to have been real life. But it was.

Eight Men Out: And now we have the sport's lowest moment, the specter lurking behind the repeated refusals to forgive Pete Rose and the outrage over steroids. Eight Men Out shows how something like the 1919 fix could happen, a combination of owner greed (Cominsky comes off as a monster) and human weakness. This is a period drama as much as a baseball movie; you see the excitement of a society in flux, just getting back to its feet after WWI and about to fall head-first into the '20s. The film makes a strong case for Shoeless Joe Jackson, the most famous of the Black Sox; if he really did intend to throw the Series, hitting .400 was a funny way to go about it.

Major League: This may be the most imitated movie off all time (and ML itself owes quite a bit to Police Academy as it is). There have been roughly one quadrillion sports movies about misfit teams that somehow overcome the odds in the past twenty years --- The Replacements, Baseketball, Semi-Pro (ugh), hell, Adam Sandler's version of the Longest Yard had a lot more in common with Major League than the original --- but they still haven't come up with one that's funnier. This is both the perfect background movie and a total "Hey, it's that guy!" movie: in what other movie can you have President Palmer, Blade and Shawn Spencer's dad all trying to beat the tar out of those evil, evil Yankees?

Field of Dreams: Kevin Costner's best movie, and the reason I always forgive him for making Wyatt Earp and Waterworld (Tom Petty running a town in The Postman is awesome enough to justify its existence). Just try to watch Costner's character play catch with his dad and not tear up. I dare you. FoD also makes a great bookend with Eight Men Out; whatever you think of Jackson's guilt or innocence, it's hard not to root for him getting his peace here.

The Natural: This is easily one of the most beautiful movies ever made. A splendid fairy tale, everything is golden-hued and soft-focused, making that short burst of noir on the train all the more devastating. This is the ultimate Baseball Is Magic movie, full of mythology and big, grand moments. The homerun hitting the lights at the end as Randy Newman's gorgeous score swells always chokes me up.
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Now that is how you christen a new stadium!

My guys!

ETA: It is uncanny how much Hal sounds like George.
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I hate you Chase Utley. I hate you a lot.


I can't believe that photo shoot actually happened on ANTM and that it wasn't some kind of delirious fever dream. They put a white girl in a Native American headdress and literally painted her red. And then there was the blackface. And yellowface. And ohmygodmakeitstop-face.

Seriously. Watching it I had a moment were I wondered if I was going crazy, because come on, this can't be happening on national TV, can it?

I can't get past the painting red. WTF.
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Congratulations on pennant #40, guys! And doing it with Andy on the mound and Mo getting the final strike, that just couldn't have been better.

Bring on the Phillies!
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[livejournal.com profile] apocabigbang progress:

2802 / 10000

It's almost 3K. I was close.:)

ETA: Aw. Sorry, Joe. I really wanted you to be on the other side of the World Series. (Although I am glad I won't have to root against you in the Series.)
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This game is killing me, people. Thirteen innings now. WTH. Thank God for A-Rod and that solo.

ETA: Yes! Oh, bless the Angels' defense! 2-0!


Sep. 20th, 2009 06:02 pm
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How awesome were my guys? HOW AWESOME?

So awesome they pinned Tom Brady down so he didn't get a single touchdown, that's how much.

And how about that GQMF Mark Sanchez? He's now only the second rookie to win against Tom Brady, and in only his second game (the last rookie was Big Ben from the Steelers, and he's done pretty well for himself.:)

When they stymied the Pats in that last drive and it was clear the Jets were actually going to win I had tears in my eyes. It's been so long since we won against the Pats at home, almost a decade.

16-9. I'm so proud of my guys, y'all.
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Sure, the season technically started on Thursday, but today is the real opening day. You know why? Because today is opening day for my beloved Jets, and they stomped all over Houston. The Brett Favre nightmare is over, we have a new coach, Leon Washington and Thomas Jones both had good games, the defense was sharp, and we have this guy at quarterback:

Check out this GQMF! )

That's Mark Sanchez, and he just won his first NFL game at 22. Bring on the Patriots next week!
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Last night Derek Jeter broke Lou Gehrig's all time hit record, recording hit number 2722 with a single in the bottom of the third on a 2-0 count.

Watch #2 become #1 )

I love how embarrassed he looks when the team comes out of the dugout and hugs him. The record couldn't have been broken by a more deserving guy.
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My guys! I could not be happier with them. This is the first season in a long time the Yankees have actually felt like a team and not a collection of randomly shuffled stat cards. And it is so good to see A-Rod having a good time in the dug out. His first few seasons he was so super-professional and serious and tightly-wound, and it is such a change watching him cheer on his teamates and goof on the new guys. I don't know if it's because Teixiera being there is taking some of the pressure off or if the guy just thrives on his personal life being a roiling chaos, but whatever it is, it's working.

Actually, you know what he reminded me of this weekend? There as scene in The Bronx Is Burning where Reggie is sulking in the dugout because Billy Martin benched him, and suddenly there's a moment where he suddenly stops pouting and starts cheering everyone else on. That's when things start to turn around for that team, and I feel like things are starting to roll for this one.

Andy is pitching like he's back in 1998, Joba's found his fastball again, and even with Mo's age creeping closer to his number his cutter still keeps fooling people. This team is starting to feel special, and I'm starting to get my hopes up.

The Yankees haven't been this much fun to watch in years

My three favorite little things from this series:

1) After hitting the walk-off on Friday A-Rod immediately went over and hugged Hinski, who was so upset when he flew out the inning prior.

2) Joba acting like a goofball in the dugout.:) I love how into games he gets, especially games he's not even pitching in.

3) After Coke gave Boston the lead, the camera panned over to show Phil Hughes stilling with his head in his hands, as if he was the one who gave up those runs. Now that is a guy who wants to be in that spot. You can't buy passion like that (although God knows the Yankees have tried).


I was thinking about movie ratings today. You know how lately they'll take on warning like, "This movie contains depictions of smoking" or "This film contains cartoon violence"? I was thinking what other, actually useful warnings there should be. Like:

Transformers 2: "This movie contains a horrendous cover of a song you love." For all of that movie's sins, I still think I'm most upset about what they did to "Burning Down the House."

Max Payne: "This movie requires the use of hallucinogens." Not contains. Requires

Semi-Pro: "The tone of this movie is not accurately represented by its trailer." How they made this despairing sports movie look like a zany comedy might actually qualify as some sort of alchemy.

What warnings do you wish were standard issue?


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