Feb. 16th, 2013

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I changed the sheets on the bed, took the old ones down the basement to the washing machine and by the time I got back up the stairs Lexi was stretched out on the bed all Ahhhhhhhhhh. T shirt material sheets from Target: Cat approved.

Day 05 - A show you hate

I don't hatewatch as a general rule but my God, did I hate the recent reboot of V. Haaaaaaated it, and I wanted to like to so much because I loved the original. And it had Morena Baccarin and Alan Tudyk and Elizabeth Mitchell! I like all those people! How bad can it really be?

So, so bad. Glacial pace plotting, sets so badly CGIed you could practically see the pixels, a human rebellion so inept they would be laughed out of a Syfy original movie and set in NYC despite having a cast so white there were two black characters. And one of them was actually a lizard alien.


Honorable mention to American Diggers, which I haven't actually seen but hate in solidarity with [personal profile] peachpai. And apparently there's a spin off now? Whatever, Spike.

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From [personal profile] morganoconner: WIP buttkick: these are titles/brief descriptions of my active WIPs. Pick one and I'll write you 100 or more new words for it. Or give a sneak peek, since I'm all ~deadline panic~ this weekend. Order is completely arbitrary.

Note: Does not include fics already signed up for challenges (so adding those would make this an even 20 21. Missed one.) I'm defining WiP here as something I have a file for or went to the trouble of outlining. Which I have apparently done a lot, because Long List Is Long. Mostly SPN and some Avengers, which one lonely Heroes fic because I will write that some day.

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