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So the biggish news from Marvel world this week is that Marvel Studios got back rights to Daredevil and Punisher. (I hadn't heard the news about Punisher until reading that article! I'm one the dozen that actually liked Warzone, but it was doomed to rebootdom since Ray Stevenson is Volstagg now. Hope they can do something good with Frank.)

This of course means I was correct that we will in fact never get Clint sniper dueling Colin Farrell's Crazy Irish Bullseye across Manhattan. But you know what we could get if Marvel keeps the script idea for Daredevil that was floating around before Fox lost the rights, a Frank Miller-influenced story set in the '70s? (Which I thought was an interesting take, since the Hell's Kitchen of today is much more gentrified than in Daredevil's best stuff.)

If Marvel Studios does a 1970s set Daredevil with Bullseye as the villain (and why wouldn't they?), they could totally reveal Bulleye to be Clint's dad.

Huh? HUH?

*goes back to porn writing*
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[livejournal.com profile] jimmybigbang progress:

Ugh, you know that part of the story where you're setting up the plot and it's all important but it's that tedious connective tissue? That's where I am. I just want to get them on the road already.

I also put another 1000 words on my [livejournal.com profile] spn_in_space story, which is also like banging my head against the wall but for entirely different reasons. *hands*


In more successful displays of fannishness, I did a bunch of fills for The Three Sentence Ficathon. Observe!

Firefly, Mal/River, seeing things in a new light )


Doctor Who, Doctor/Mickey, unexpected but lovely kiss. )


X-Factor, Rictor/Shatterstar, they're both getting tired of Rictor almost dying )


Supernatural, Dean/Cas, the awkward morning after )


SPN: TNG, Claire/Ben/Jesse, another mile checked off this road(vague S7 spoilers) )


Supernatural (Team Free Will 2.0), Claire/Jesse/Ben, lie to me )
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I was almost late for work this morning because I put on the wrong pants. It's been that kind of day.


So, it's all offical-like: DC has canceled Secret Six. That brings the total number of DC comics I read that DC where DC has either changed the creative team or outright canceled to all of them. Sigh.

And in extremely perplexing DC reboot news, DC finally announced yesterday what team J'onn was landing on --- not JLA, as you'd expect, or JLI, as I'd hoped. But Stormwatch. Along with Jack Hawksmoor, Apollo and, if the cover's to be believed, Midnighter. I do not understand this strange new world that suddenly exists.

Martian Manhunter's my favorite DC character. And I love me some Authority. I just...how is this going to work? Are they from the Wildstorm earth, here through the Bleed? Have they been here the whole time? Is Jenny coming too? Doesn't anyone remember what happened to the last Stormwatch? Make me understand!

It's being written by Paul Cornell, so I'll give it a shot, but I'm just all *hands* over the whole thing.

That said, here's my tentative new pull list:

1) Firestorm (because I love Gail Simone but just can't bring myself to support the Batgirl book.)

2) JLI (Dan Jurgens concerns me but I love these characters. And Booster's leading it! This is the team of my heart, people!)

3) Blue Beetle

4) Stormwatch

5) Resurrection Man (love that character)

I might also pick up Static Shock. And I have friends to supply me with Jason Todd and his Amazing Friends. Although I still don't understand why Kory is on that team instead of Cass. It would be all about disappointing paternal figures and questionable life choices! Kory and Roy were Titans together, that I get, but Jason? And Jason and Roy hanging out makes sense (see above mentioned disappointing paternal figures combined with a nice dose of pissed at the world, since I'm betting Lian's still dead or, even more offensive, now never existed) but then why Kory?

And I like Starfire. I just don't get why she's on this team instead of any of the other ones.


Still time to decide my fate! I'm closing the poll when my eyes open in the morning, so if there's something you NEED me to write now's the time!:) (and thank you everyone for not making fun of my stupid, stupid typo. I cannot edit polls.)
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I've been spamming this comic all over the place today, so no reason to stop now. This issue of Gutters perfectly articulates why I have so many problems with the Batgirl reboot. I adore Gail Simone --- she's the single reason I stuck around with DC for the longest time --- but unless this is part of a larger plan (like my "the reboot is a lot more House of M than a for reals forever change" theory) the whole thing is just so wrong-headed and offensive.

Barbara being in the chair is important. It's vital that there be disabled characters in comics who are powerful and awesome and get to be important lynchpins of their universes (it's really impossible to overstate how important Barbara is to the Batverse). Because there should be characters of all kinds. Barbara Gordon is unique in the comics world: a smart, determined, funny leader who happens to be disabled --- here comes the important part --- and doesn't have superpowers to compensate. Sure Daredevil is blind, but his super sonic hearing means he can still "see." Dr. Mid-Nite is blind too --- during the day. Xavier's in a wheelchair, but he's also the most powerful telepath on the planet (and he gets to walk around every few years anyway.)

Barbara didn't get any of that. She got dealt a bad hand and put on her big girl panties and went on living her life, just like thousands of her fans do everyday. And IMO, as Oracle Barbara was ten times the hero Batgirl could ever have been.

And now that's gone. And I think that sucks.

DC may be claiming it's all about diversity now, but they're doing it by rebooting one of the characters that actually made them special. I'm not sure that sounds much like diversity to me.


I love So You Think you Can Dance, but I don't know why I watch the pre-final 20 episodes. It's one long parade of "Hey, remember that dancer from the auditions you liked? Prepare to never see them again!"

ETA: Oh good Lord, they're making them audition with the quick step? Well, that's one way to cull the herd, I guess.


Still plenty of time to decide my fate! (Poll is open until Saturday, the next time I'll be able to carve out any quality fic time.)
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So apparently DC Comics has apparently decided to squander what little good will it's earned with me by rebooting all of is major titles, renumbering them and supposedly making everyone ten years younger. Because everyone loved "Heroes Reborn," right? Right?

Revealed in that article: Grant Morrison writing Superman and James Robinson being rewarded for writing "Cry For Justice," truly one of the worst things I've ever read in my life, with Hawkman.

Oh, and Gail Simone is off Birds of Prey. Seriously.

If this cancels Secret Six I'm done with DC. Again.


In more cheery news, overnight my laptop charger stopped working (completely dead, not even lighting up) and my battery stopped charging, even with a new charger. Overnight, like they hatched some kind of suicide plot while I slept. It didn't need to come to that, machines! I would have supported your love!

So the whole thing boils down to me being out $55 for a charger that lets me at least stay plugged in if not actually charging. Because the battery is apparently in mourning.


In actually cheery news, behold my kink_bingo card: Image cut to spare flists )

*rolls about laughing uproariously* I do not believe I got some of these. Orgies! Bruises! Marking! A square that may as well read "Write wing!kink here, please!" It's not perfect (there's one or two beyond me) but I can do things with this! THINGS!

(Anyone who wants in on the kink_bingo action, I still have DW invites!)
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Y'know what someone should write? A story where Sam and Dean are on a hunt in NYC and run into the Punisher --- or more likely Frank runs into them, because he recognizes them as his old war buddy John's boys and is curious about what brings them to town. Then they fight some kind of mutual enemy --- let's say demon mobsters --- so that we can go as long as possible before realizing just cracked up Frank really is.

And Spider-Man should factor in somehow, because he and Dean snarking at each other would be a thing of beauty.

You could even work in that whole "Frank's an assassin for Heaven" story arc everyone likes to pretend never happened! Poor Cas having to explain that bit of heavenly nonsense would be gold. (Or if it's set present season, maybe Cas recruits him again. That could be one of his regrettable things.)

I'm just saying. Someone should get on that.
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I dreamed last night I was watching a movie starring Matthew Bomer, Misha Collins and Henry Cavill as a trio of bank robbing brothers who stumble upon a conspiracy and have to go on the run to clear their name, because apparently they were criminals, but had standards. Of some kind. I don't remember what the conspiracy was all about, only that it was suitably dire to force them into some semblance of heroics. Although hilariously Misha's character was pretty much, "Wait, why are we not robbing banks again? Guys? *sigh*" about the whole thing.

The point is, is there some genie I can summon to make this happen? The world needs that much blue-eyed pretty on one screen.


It hit me today that I apparently ship Jason Todd/Roy Harper incredibly hard. Does anyone write these two? I want fic about broken vigilantes with mentor issues.
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I had a dream last night I was watching a game show on what I guessed was Animal Planet. It was some variation of Wipe-Out; the contestants had picked out animals they wanted to adopt and if they got through the course the fees would be waived and they would receive free food and vet care for a year. There were the usual schmoopy videos featuring the contestants and the adorable animals, and I'm pretty sure one woman was talking to the (visible) ghost of her dead husband.

So that was odd. Although I would definitely watch that show. Even with the ghost.

A meme! from [livejournal.com profile] hako_neko

2. I will give you a letter.
3. Post the names of five fictional characters and your thoughts on each.

[livejournal.com profile] isilrandir gave me S.

Susan Ivanova: (Babylon 5) Always obey the Babylon 5 mantra: "Ivanova is always right. I will listen to Ivanova. I will not ignore Ivanova's recommendations. Ivanova is God. And if this ever happens again, Ivanova will personally rip your lungs out."

Simon Archard: (Ruse, CrossGen Comics) Simon is all of Sherlock Holmes worst character traits dialed up to eleven: he's arrogant, rude, incredibly impressed with himself and ruthlessly brilliant. His assistant is essentially a god and even that barely impresses him. I adored Ruse and Simon was my favorite character in CrossGen. Needless to say I'm over the moon that Marvel is restarting Ruse in a few months. Simon is going to break the world. It will be awesome.

Saitou Hajime: (Rurouni Kenshin) If they could create a character expressly for me, Saitou is what they would come up with. Principled and ruthless and defined by his personal definition of honor, Saitou is my favorite character in all of anime and he's easily in the top ten of favorite characters ever. And no one works a cigarette like him.

Sarah: (The Crow) Oh, my girl. You can't imagine how distraught I was when I saw Crow 2 and witnessed what they did to my street-smart, caring, brave little kid. The idea of her mentoring a new Crow was a good one --- I just wish the execution hadn't been so wretched.

Seth Bullock: (Deadwood) I love conflicted lawfuls. You show me a character who's trying hard to deny his impulse to make things right, who just want the world to leave them be, who's torn between what they've been told and what they feel (oh hi, Cas), and I am there. Bullock spends the entire first season trying desperately to not be Deadwood's sheriff --- except that he leads the posse after Wild Bill's killer, continually butts heads with the town's criminal elements and can't keep his nose out of everyone's business. By the end of the season it's clear to everyone that he's the only man for the job --- and then Bullock's real problems start.:)


I have WIP-itis. And I'm pretty sure I'm writing something only I will ever want to read. Send help.
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They Live! I love this movie. Roddy Piper and Goliath team up to fight aliens!

Has anyone ever heard those blood drive radio ads featuring the Red Defender? I like imagining he's from the Doctor Horrible universe, purely because that would mean he would be forced to socialize with Captain Hammer. And Red Defender has such horrible luck (for example, after saving the Earth from an asteroid only to accidentally destroy the moon: "Where did you throw that asteroid?" "Away. I threw it...away.") that I can't see Captain Hammer helping. Even if everything did go right on one of their team-ups, I'm sure Captain Hammer would somehow wind up hogging all of the credit.


Speaking of unlucky superheroes: spoilers for Siege 4, Sentry: Fallen Son and Dark Avengers )
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Fellow Cable/Deadpool fans, you really, really need to see this.

Oh, boys.
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Goddammit, DC. What the hell is wrong with you? For the first time in literally years I was enjoying multiple DC titles and now this.

And I was planning on picking up some Starman trades the next time I went to the comic shop. I don't believe James Robinson could write a title that good and now pull out something so cheap and tin-eared. I don't use the word "fridged" often --- I think tends to get thrown around too freely sometimes --- but if this isn't a perfect example I don't know what is.


ETA: You know what makes this extra pointless? spoiler )

Sometimes I'm glad DC's forgotten about Lena Luthor. God help the girl when they remember.
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I don't know who the Watchman fanboy/girl who wrote tonight's episode is, but bless him/her for spoilers for tonight's Human Target )


Secret Six spoilers )
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It always takes time to form Lost thoughts that aren't just strings of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thoughts and theories )


Thinking about alt-timelines has made me realize the one way DC could bring me all the way back: reveal that Superboy Prime punching the prison walls not only switched dead!Jason with alive-and-surly!Jason, but switched our Maxwell Lord with some other, more evil universe's (probably the Crime Syndicate's Earth, considering his feelings about meta-humans.) All would be forgiven if we found out our Max has been stranded there all this time, trying to survive and wondering why his friends haven't come to rescue him.

Yeah, I thought I'd come to grips with the Max-turns-to-the-Dark-Side thing, but clearly not.
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This is completely without context and so not a spoiler: "I'm sorry you had to see me that way" may be the greatest single line of dialogue ever spoken. When you see the episode you'll understand.


Is anyone out there a big fan of the current Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes? Because if so I have many questions and need to pick your brain. Please? It's for a good cause. (Really!)
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I'm enjoying DC's big Blackest Night much more than I thought I would, especially considering that the company was all but dead to me this time last year. Most of that is a combination of Guy and Kyle's epic Guy Love, the "bring dead titles back to life" stunt from this month, and how ridiculously awesome Wonder Woman has been, but what really makes this storyline fun is that it infects you. Watching a show becomes an exercise in figuring out which characters would wear what color ring, or gleefully announcing what color they'd be projecting to a Black Lantern, like announcing your favorite color to cross the bridge in Holy Grail. (Blue! No, Yellow---Arggghhhh!) It came up during a Doctor Who marathon last week, when all agreed that Rose would rock a green ring. (For the uninitiated, the power rings in DC all have ties to individual emotions, both positive and negative. Green=will, red=rage, yellow=fear, orange=avarice, blue=hope, indigo=compassion, sapphire=love. Yes, DC's definition of "emotion" is a tad broader than most. And yes, indigo and sapphire look virtually identical a lot of the time. Work with me here.)

So of course I started giving everyone else power rings, too.:)

The Doctor would be Blue, with indigo and sapphire as secondary colors (hey, if Hal can wear multiple rings!). Not that he doesn't have a strong will, he does, but the Doctor is always strongest when he has something to fight for. He needs a cause, the bleaker the better, and the blue rings are interesting in that they're the weakest until things get so bad there's almost no chance of victory, then look out. That's the Doctor in a nutshell.

Of course, the blue rings are at their best when working with the green rings, and that's where the Companions shine. Rose would indeed rock a green ring, but so would Martha and Donna and Sarah and pretty much everyone else who travels with the Doctor. You just don't last as a Companion unless you have a fearsome will; look at poor Adam, who was an orange ring if I ever saw one. (With some exceptions: I would argue that Fitz was a sapphire ring, for example.) The differences come in what their secondary colors would be; Rose and Donna both have Compassion as their secondaries (Rose is really marvelously empathetic; there's hardly an episode where she doesn't bond with one of the NPCs, and her pain over the idea of the Doctor being alone is compassion at its finest, whereas you only have to see Donna trying to hear the Ood's song to see her glow sapphire.) Martha and Sarah Jane have Love as their second, love for the Doctor and for their families and for Earth (Martha reminds me so much of Sarah Jane, right down to the Doctor putting them in impossible situations.)

Let's leave Jack aside for the moment (he's complicated) and jump to the rest of Torchwood. Gwen is another Will/Compassion combo, very like Rose (I've always theorized that Jack recruited Gwen because she reminded him of an older Rose, especially considering how hard he's working his Nine impression in "Everything Changes.") Tosh and Ianto are both sapphire rings, while Owen is probably red. He's so unhappy and resentful and gleefully takes it out on everyone, especially in S1 ("I sabotage happy relationships.") He actually gets better at compassion after he dies.

The Master is either yellow or orange, depending on the incarnation.

Which brings us to Jack. This question actually came up watching Torchwood and no one could agree. It's not green; the man runs from his problems and he falls into despair too often to be hope. Unlike the Doctor, Jack doesn't get stronger the worse things get, he buckles. And the strongest emotion he has in S1 of Torchwood is rage. Rewatch that season: he is an angry SOB. He snaps at everyone and has no patience and even all of his efforts to find the Doctor again stem as much from anger at being left as from love. So yeah, he probably could power a red ring pretty well. Which is not someone you want in charge.

Oh, Jack. S2 and afterwards he shines sapphire a lot more often; hopefully by the time he comes back he'll have figured out a way to push that ahead of the self-loathing and resentment.


The Oscar noms (put it that way and it sounds like muppet food) came out today and...look, I'm a Watchmen fangirl. I love that movie beyond all reason, but this isn't coming from a fangirl place: it's a crime that Jackie Earle Haley isn't on one of those acting lists. The man put in a performance that I would bet good money is as good as any of the ones nominated, and he did half of it wearing a full face mask. Gah.

At least I have Christoph Waltz to root for.


New Lost tonight! Loooooooossssssssttttt!
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[personal profile] cereta originally posted this in her journal, but this got long and I didn't want to clog up her comments.:) Prompted by a comment elsewhere, give yourself omnipotence for a minute. Well, specific omnipotence. What are things you would do to specific TV (or movie/comic/book) sources if you (a) could just snap your fingers and (b) didn't have to worry about fallout (that is, everything would work out just lovely). I know, this is confusing. Let me explain by example.

If I ran the world:

1) Vic Sage would show up on Smallville. He'd be played by Damian Lewis, snarky and frustrated and righteously, furiously angry at the injustice of the world. He would have his comics day job and his DCAU conspiracy theories; he'll have figured out who Green Arrow and all the rest are because he's brilliant and that's what he does. The Question would come to Metropolis with the goal of keeping the rest of the heroes honest and exposing that aliens did in fact land on Earth, but would eventually discover that Clark's secret is one worth keeping. He would be Clark's link to the gritty underbelly of humanity, a conscience to keep Clark from going all Krypton!OMG. (similar to Batman's usual role in Clark's life, but without Batman's tendency to...overpower things.:)

2) This would be the next Batman movie: Bring in Azrael as a flashy, cop-and-public friendly vigilante who publicly vows to bring down the Bat menace---only his adoring public doesn't know that Jean-Paul Valley, the man behind the good PR, is a dangerous psychotic who genuinely wants to be a good hero but has a harder time controlling his violent impulses with each bust.

Of course, Bruce doesn't know that; while suspicious, he's willing to give the new guy a chance. He's still Batman, just with a lower profile---instead of bringing down the mob, he's busting the occasional thief. In fact, one night he comes upon a particularly attractive cat burglar who just barely gives him the slip; the very next day he meets a emerging socialite named Selina who seems very, very familiar. Since neither of them are morons they both quickly figure things out, and with Azrael seemingly taking over his job Bruce starts to think that maybe he can move on from Rachael and start to become human again.

Then someone commits a series of crimes that seem to have no purpose or motive. Everyone's baffled, including Azrael (which doesn't help his mental state) until Bruce realizes that while taken individually the crimes don't make sense, they're all connected. Like a riddle.

The Riddler's trying to lure the Dark Knight out of hiding; he's sharp enough to have realized that Azrael's close to cracking, and the wants the Bat to know it too (and besides, Batman's such a good chess partner). He's not a killer, but if he has to put a certain cat burglar in Azrael's crosshairs to get the Bat's attention...well, so be it.

Once he accepts that Azrael does need to be taken down, the full scope of the problem hits him: while Gordon's on his side, his only other ally is a thief of dubious morality; moreover, he's getting his information from someone who claims his name is E. Nygma and uses question marks as fashion accessories.

But as Azrael finally crosses the line, Batman knows it's going to have to do. There's only room for one Dark Knight in Gotham. One is going to have to go.

Batman: Resurrection. July 2011. Riddle me this, Batman....

3) Jamie would come back for one last adventure. And a few episodes later so would Fitz, raw and angry at being left but so relieved that the Doctor's alive it wouldn't matter. Then when he and the Doctor finally part ways again he would join Torchwood and flirt up a storm with Jack.

4) Three words: The Four Doctors. (Eight, Nine, Ten and Eleven, all together.)

5) Comics Tony Stark would be just as charming and likeable as movie!Tony, and the family dynamic he has with Pepper and Rhodey would carry over, too.

6)Renee Montoya/Question II would get her own series back, and it would be set in Hub, not Gotham, dammit. And she would have an on again, off again thing with Scandal Savage.

7) House would finally make it clear that House and Wilson are sleeping together and have been on and off for ages. Moreover, it just slip out casually, like during a differential, not during a big event episode, and the dynamic would stay exactly the same.

8) Deadwood would get another season, and the plot line with the Earps wouldn't have been dropped. Moreover, things would get bad enough between them and the Pinkertons that Wyatt would have to put out a call to his old friend Doc --- much to Bullock and Swearengen's dismay, since they now have to deal with this on top of their other problems.

9) Martian Manhunter would come back and get his own series again --- a good series. He would re-embrace his John Jones persona and go back into the PI business.

10) Claude would come back on Heroes. And it would be awesome.


Oct. 19th, 2009 09:31 pm
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So DC has been On Notice since the beginning of Final Crisis and will remain so until Martian Manhunter comes back for reals; I make some exceptions --- I read Secret Six every month as soon as I can get my hands on it and I picked up the Batman/Detective Annual two parter --- but I've been steering clear of the main DCU for a while now. This, however, is pretty cool: in January DC is putting the Blackest Night series on hold and bringing back eight cancelled titles for one month, picking up each series from its original numbering and featuring characters from its original run.

That's right, Blackest Night is bringing dead titles back from the grave.:)

Here's the run down:

Power of Shazaam #48: Eric Wallace tells the tale in which Osiris returns from the dead to "chew the fat" with a very powerless Billy and Mary Batson.

Catwoman #83: Fabian Nicieza has the original Black Mask explaining to Selina why shooting him in the head was a bad idea.

Suicide Squad #67: John Ostrander is bringing Deadshot's past back to haunt him. That means Suicide Squad!

Phantom Stranger #42: Peter Tomasi reveals what Blackest Night means to the Phantom Stranger.

Weird Western Tales #71: Dan Didio lets you know what all the dead Old West characters are doing in the New West today.

Atom and Hawkman #46: Geoff Johns brings you the double date from Hell, the Black Lantern Hawks work to reunite Atom with his long dead love, Jean Loring.

Starman #81: James Robinson returns to the book he made great and visits some old haunts.

And, now the best part:

Question #37: Greg Rucka has the one answer for when two Questions meet.

*flails* I said when they started this storyline I wanted zombie!Vic to throw down with Renee, but I didn't think I'd actually get it!

Aside from maybe Atom and Hawkman, there isn't a single title on that list I wouldn't read. Well played, DC.
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While discussing this week's comics, specifically the new Ultimate Iron Man book, Fiance pointed out that despite 40-odd years of continuity Iron Man really only has three plots:

1) Someone other than Tony Stark has Tony's tech, and he has to get it back. With violence.

2) Tony has alcohol.

3) Hey, it's the Mandarin!

Add in the occasional "Tony upgrades his armor" subplot, shake well and serve.

Not that this is a bad thing; the archetypal plots are what let a title run for years and years, each new creative team getting to put its own spin on the same three or four classic stories.

For instance, virtually all X-Men stories are one of these:

1) We must save the world from Dire Threat, even though the world fears and hates us! (Phalanx. The Brood. M'Kraan Crystal. Every time the Sentinels run amok.)

2) There are thousands of possible futures and every single one of them sucks. (A variation on this was the Age of Apocalypse, where the time travel was used to change the sucky present, only to replace it with an even worse one.)

3) Oh no! Our friend is now our enemy! (Everything from Magneto to Dark Phoenix to Apocalypse and Sinister's various shenanigans.)

And then of course there are heroes like Green Arrow:

1) "Fascists!" *shakes fist, fires arrow*

That is all.:)
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Title: Loose Ends
Fandom: DC Comics/JLU
Pairing: Question/Huntress/Question II, in various combinations.
Rating: R
Word Count: 2940
Summary: The Question has one last affair to put in order.
(A/N: originally posted as a [livejournal.com profile] dc_kink meme fill)

Oh God if you're out there won't you hear me
I know that we've never talked before
Oh God the man I love is leaving
Won't you take him when he comes to your door...
Hold on
Hold on to yourself
For this is gonna hurt like hell

--- Sarah McLachlan

Night One )

Night Two )

Night Three )

Interlude )

Night Four )


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