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I am having a day of EMOTIONS. And I'm at work so I can't even whump on Cas work on my DCSS to make myself feel better.

So, y'know. If anyone out there is sitting on picture of cute animals or general funny nonsense, I could use some of that right now.
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I got my Yuletide assignment and could not be happier. I know exactly what I'm going to write. Even the title! Now I just need my DCSS assignment to be just as awesome and I'll be set.

(And hello Yuletide writer! My letter is here and I am so, so sorry about the typos in my sign up. /o\)


We finally got power back at the office yesterday so today was back to normal. It's still scary as all hell driving around without traffic lights (you'll go two blocks with lights then hit long stretches while they're out, invariably at the scariest intersections) and the gas situation is ridiculous. The few stations open are gouging like crazy - gas is up about 75 cents a gallon on average - and you have to sit on line for hours just for the chance to pony up that money. A friend of mine waited for two hours today only to get told they'd switched to only filling up gas cans. Christie's starting rationing tomorrow to try to rein it in but I'm not touching my car this weekend. Hopefully over the next few days the situation stablilizes as power comes back in more places.


But my power came back on Wednesday and I'm lucky I was only out for two days - one of my friends might not get power until the 11th, and I was never out hot water or heat.

But again, ugh. I'm more than ready to squee over fic assignments after this past week, y'know?


And on the topic of Sandy, for those interested:

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So the power's still out but there doesn't seem to be any damage to the house and my car made it out with just a bent radio antenna, which is TREMENDOUS since a tree fell on it (the rescuing of my car is an awesome story I'll relate when I'm not typing my phone in my car.

*HUGS* to all!


Sep. 29th, 2012 09:56 am
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R.I.P. Michael O'Hare

I'm one of the relatively few B5 fans who loved Season 1 and especially Jeffery Sinclair - wounded war vets trying to rebuild their lives with their scars will fresh will always have an easy road into my heart. I loved his dry sense of humor and his friendship with Garibaldi and the kind of quiet courage be brought to Babylon 5.

We are all star stuff. God speed, Commander.


Dec. 23rd, 2011 06:10 pm
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So last night I went downstairs to get my laundry and...when I say I fell down the basement stairs, picture me sliding down them like the world's most graceless tobaggan. (It's amazing how calm you are when those things happen. All that went through my mind was a casual, slow-motion "Huh. This is happening.") I banged my back on the way down but I'm pretty sure I'm fine - the stairs are carpeted and I think that saved from me from really damaging myself. I'm wearing a one of those heat pad thingamabobs and stocked up on advil and as long as I keep moving with baby sloth slowness I should be good.

I'm also getting a cold. Merry Christmas!


As far as the ongoing LJ brouhaha goes, I already have a dreamwidth account ([personal profile] misachan, because no way am I going to deal with juggling multiple user names), although [personal profile] kink_bingo aside I rarely use it. That might change, that might not; I'm paid up here until August, so I'm certainly sticking it out until then. LJ is still where my comms and friends (and icons!) are.:)

(This isn't a popular opinion, but I think fandom moving en masse to a platform that requires invites is very problematic. I understand why it requires invites, and I know that's been waived until the end of the year, but until DW is big enough - and, frankly, inclusive enough - to take all comers I'll be very reluctant to commit to it.)
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Okay, so it's not quite that dramatic. What happened was Monday night while I was on my way home I got a call from one of my friends who'd dropped by early to prep for game that went like this: "So...yeah, just wanted to give you a heads up, your upstairs neighbor's pipe burst right over your kitchen and there's a lot of water. I mean, it's a lake." Then I hear banging and shouting and my neighbor apologizing, and my friend telling him, "No, seriously, you need to go get a tetanus shot." Then he came back on the line and said, "So, yeah, you should pick up some paper towels." I also heard the words "starting to look like Atlantis in here."

I said, "It sounds like I should pick up a mop." (I only had a swiffer mop, not a omg-all-the-water mop.)

"Yeah, that sound like a good idea. Okay, we're gonna go shut off the water now."

So I ran back to CVS and picked up a mop and a flashlight (water was running right over the light so no one wanted to turn it on) and All The Paper Towels. And fortunately by the time I got home the water had mostly stopped and while the floor was wet, it wasn't Atlantis wet and it was isolated to just the one room.

Here's the thing: the only reason I got the call in the first place was because I'd stopped at CVS to buy glue to attempt a last minute GISHWHES item. Otherwise I would have been on the highway and I don't answer my phone when I'm driving. Only my desire to build the Washington Monument out of gummi bears kept me from walking unprepared into a flooded kitchen with no way to clean it up! Thank you, Misha!

(as a side note, the clean-up meant I did not actually have time to construct said tower. This leaves me with two packages of gummi bears to dispose of. I know, you're asking however will I cope?:)

So that was fun. I was just so happy when the water got turned back on. And today we had to do ALLLLL the dishes because disgusting yellow rust water got into that cabinet and all over everything.

Ugh. I am tired of this whole adulthood thing.


I got my [livejournal.com profile] deancas_xmas confirmation, so I know they have it and that's done and taken care of. \o/ I think it's pretty blindly obvious it's mine, but it would be to me, after all.:)


There should be fic sometime tomorrow. Also, it is entirely [livejournal.com profile] morganoconner's fault.

Okay, not entirely. But mostly.:)


My brain has been plotting out a high school AU. I don't want it to. Please tell it to stop.
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I am severely unamused that the week is almost over. How did that happen? Why can't I fall into an unattended money bin so I can be a full time lady of leisure?

Anyway, tomorrow we're heading out to Plymouth Rock and going aboard the Mayflower, weather permitting. I will attempt to take pictures. Also, earlier I caught a little bit of the Crow and that relieved some of my end-of-vacation despair. (It probably says ~things~ about me that my two biggest comfort movies are The Crow and Watchmen.) If I didn't already know what I was doing for [livejournal.com profile] jimmybigbang I would be tempted by the idea of an everything goes wrong 4.20 AU where Castiel never comes back from Heaven, Jimmy, Amelia and Claire all die and then Jimmy comes back with Crow powers and just starts tearing things up.


Progress report!

1) [livejournal.com profile] spn_reversebang: back from beta (thanks, [livejournal.com profile] electricskeptic, you're awesome!) and guys, I can't wait until Monday so you can see the art I have in my inbox. Dreading writing a summary.

2) [livejournal.com profile] deancas_xmas: off to [livejournal.com profile] aerilex's capable hands, so by tomorrow I should know whether I should just scrap that idea and try again. *sigh*

3) [livejournal.com profile] spn_in_space: didn't get as much done as I wanted this week, but I managed to poke at it. I still need to figure out what happens between the major THING and the end, because otherwise I'm just being needlessly mean to Cas. And in fairness, I'm normally pretty mean to him, but I like to think I'm not needlessly mean.

How did the week go for the rest of you? How are all of your projects coming along?
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I mean, I do, because he's terrible, but that was bad even for him. Ugh.


I have arrived! Lexi wants all of you to know that I am a terrible kitten mama who puts innocent cats in cages and straps them into big noisy metal boxes that go very very fast. Or anyway, I'm assuming she wants you all to know, since she did her very best to let everyone else on I-95 in on my horrible cat parenting by yowling at the top of her lungs like she was being tortured. Tortured, I say!

At least she did that for the first half hour or so. Then she settled in and took a nap. Incidently, holy tap-dancing Jesus, did you know it costs $12 to drive into NYC now? You'd think the bridge was made of gold and held up by strands of purest adamantium. They're not using that money to maintain that highway, I'll tell you that right now. I am so very tired. Also, the internet here is currently out so I'm typing this on my phone. Technology!


What happened to AO3? How can I make go back to the way it was? Everything about this redesign is terrible!
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Oh my God, Jets, what was that? Seriously, what was that? Everything about that game was terrible. We cannot do this for the rest of the season! And next week we're against the Patriots, at Foxboro! Pull it together, guys!

[livejournal.com profile] spn_reversebang progress:

Dean's so very unhappy. And it's not about to get better.


Posted another Prompt Party fic! (I'm not doing them in doing particular order,btw,just whichever finishes first. Two down, four to go!)


Seriously, Jets. Pull it together.
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So I'm sure some of you, like me, are not morning people. Today I discovered a never-fail way to be wide awake in the early morning hours!

Here's what you do: Get up. Yawn. Get the cat off the mantle. Take a nice, soothing shower. Turn off the water and discover that one of the knobs is loose and the hot water will not turn off OMG! Discover that no matter how much you turn the knob, the water keeps coming! This works extra well if your tub drains slowly and the water's coming so fast the water level starts getting high!

The final step is to make a panicked call to your landlord, trying not to drop your cell phone in the now almost-overflowing tub, then rush down to the basement in your robe to turn off the hot water to the entire house! If you follow these simple steps you may never in fact never sleep again!

*goes back to waiting for the plumber.*
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I've had the kind of day that can only be relieved by applications of sushi and bad TV.

Fluff is also appreciated. Emotional realizations after near-misses are love.

Also infusions of baby animals wearing people clothes. Stat.

*pulls blanket over head*
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The road was flooded in three separate places on the drive home today. It's only a 10 mile commute! I would have been better off in a kayak for most of it.


I was so tired last time I don't even remember falling asleep. I picture myself keeling over on the couch like a cartoon character as soon as the last person left my house. I woke at three AM to a thunderclap that sounded like a canon going off and my cat poking me as if she was afraid I'd gone into a coma and would no longer be able to spoon food into her bowl.

In brighter news, there will be fic posted tonight (the one for the kink meme) if it kills me, even if I'm no surer how to tag this thing than I was a week ago.

Kink Meme Project Update:

1) Cas gets hurt, Dean finds out and goes BAMF, and uses Cas sword to protect him and gets revenge. Up to writer how Dean is able to use sword(profound bond, mating etc.)

2) Cas falls, and is reborn is a human. 16-18 years later, he manages to track down an older Dean, who thought Castiel died. Dean feels weird around such a young Castiel, but Cas isn't going to let him deny them both their second chance.

3) Clairestiel/Dean, anything based in 5x04. Prefer Clairestiel/2014!Dean.

4) Cas has to travel back in time (for whatever reason you think of) and gets stuck in 1994 maybe because he's running out of mojo. There he runs into a teenage!Dean, and Cas finds himself saving Dean's life.

The other two have to go on the back burner for a bit while I focus on my Everlasting Birthday story and kink_bingo, (and whatever I get assigned for rarities) but I have outlines for both of them (outlines, oh dear God what is wrong with me) so they're just on hold, not abandoned.

(I am already freaking out about the Birthday fic. It's gonna be long, and I've never written full-blown, from the ground up AU before and I'm doing it all wrong and oh God, somebody hold me.)
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I was almost late for work this morning because I put on the wrong pants. It's been that kind of day.


So, it's all offical-like: DC has canceled Secret Six. That brings the total number of DC comics I read that DC where DC has either changed the creative team or outright canceled to all of them. Sigh.

And in extremely perplexing DC reboot news, DC finally announced yesterday what team J'onn was landing on --- not JLA, as you'd expect, or JLI, as I'd hoped. But Stormwatch. Along with Jack Hawksmoor, Apollo and, if the cover's to be believed, Midnighter. I do not understand this strange new world that suddenly exists.

Martian Manhunter's my favorite DC character. And I love me some Authority. I just...how is this going to work? Are they from the Wildstorm earth, here through the Bleed? Have they been here the whole time? Is Jenny coming too? Doesn't anyone remember what happened to the last Stormwatch? Make me understand!

It's being written by Paul Cornell, so I'll give it a shot, but I'm just all *hands* over the whole thing.

That said, here's my tentative new pull list:

1) Firestorm (because I love Gail Simone but just can't bring myself to support the Batgirl book.)

2) JLI (Dan Jurgens concerns me but I love these characters. And Booster's leading it! This is the team of my heart, people!)

3) Blue Beetle

4) Stormwatch

5) Resurrection Man (love that character)

I might also pick up Static Shock. And I have friends to supply me with Jason Todd and his Amazing Friends. Although I still don't understand why Kory is on that team instead of Cass. It would be all about disappointing paternal figures and questionable life choices! Kory and Roy were Titans together, that I get, but Jason? And Jason and Roy hanging out makes sense (see above mentioned disappointing paternal figures combined with a nice dose of pissed at the world, since I'm betting Lian's still dead or, even more offensive, now never existed) but then why Kory?

And I like Starfire. I just don't get why she's on this team instead of any of the other ones.


Still time to decide my fate! I'm closing the poll when my eyes open in the morning, so if there's something you NEED me to write now's the time!:) (and thank you everyone for not making fun of my stupid, stupid typo. I cannot edit polls.)
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I've been spamming this comic all over the place today, so no reason to stop now. This issue of Gutters perfectly articulates why I have so many problems with the Batgirl reboot. I adore Gail Simone --- she's the single reason I stuck around with DC for the longest time --- but unless this is part of a larger plan (like my "the reboot is a lot more House of M than a for reals forever change" theory) the whole thing is just so wrong-headed and offensive.

Barbara being in the chair is important. It's vital that there be disabled characters in comics who are powerful and awesome and get to be important lynchpins of their universes (it's really impossible to overstate how important Barbara is to the Batverse). Because there should be characters of all kinds. Barbara Gordon is unique in the comics world: a smart, determined, funny leader who happens to be disabled --- here comes the important part --- and doesn't have superpowers to compensate. Sure Daredevil is blind, but his super sonic hearing means he can still "see." Dr. Mid-Nite is blind too --- during the day. Xavier's in a wheelchair, but he's also the most powerful telepath on the planet (and he gets to walk around every few years anyway.)

Barbara didn't get any of that. She got dealt a bad hand and put on her big girl panties and went on living her life, just like thousands of her fans do everyday. And IMO, as Oracle Barbara was ten times the hero Batgirl could ever have been.

And now that's gone. And I think that sucks.

DC may be claiming it's all about diversity now, but they're doing it by rebooting one of the characters that actually made them special. I'm not sure that sounds much like diversity to me.


I love So You Think you Can Dance, but I don't know why I watch the pre-final 20 episodes. It's one long parade of "Hey, remember that dancer from the auditions you liked? Prepare to never see them again!"

ETA: Oh good Lord, they're making them audition with the quick step? Well, that's one way to cull the herd, I guess.


Still plenty of time to decide my fate! (Poll is open until Saturday, the next time I'll be able to carve out any quality fic time.)
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A day. I am having it.


So I was pondering one of my more problematic kink_bingo squares (the mechanical/technology one, a kink I know I can write but was giving me fandom-related agita) but over the weekend an idea hit me that is either a brilliant fix or the stupidest thing ever conceived. 

Possibly both. So if I do wind up working on that line, don't say I didn't warn you all.

Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.

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So apparently DC Comics has apparently decided to squander what little good will it's earned with me by rebooting all of is major titles, renumbering them and supposedly making everyone ten years younger. Because everyone loved "Heroes Reborn," right? Right?

Revealed in that article: Grant Morrison writing Superman and James Robinson being rewarded for writing "Cry For Justice," truly one of the worst things I've ever read in my life, with Hawkman.

Oh, and Gail Simone is off Birds of Prey. Seriously.

If this cancels Secret Six I'm done with DC. Again.


In more cheery news, overnight my laptop charger stopped working (completely dead, not even lighting up) and my battery stopped charging, even with a new charger. Overnight, like they hatched some kind of suicide plot while I slept. It didn't need to come to that, machines! I would have supported your love!

So the whole thing boils down to me being out $55 for a charger that lets me at least stay plugged in if not actually charging. Because the battery is apparently in mourning.


In actually cheery news, behold my kink_bingo card: Image cut to spare flists )

*rolls about laughing uproariously* I do not believe I got some of these. Orgies! Bruises! Marking! A square that may as well read "Write wing!kink here, please!" It's not perfect (there's one or two beyond me) but I can do things with this! THINGS!

(Anyone who wants in on the kink_bingo action, I still have DW invites!)


May. 27th, 2011 06:41 pm
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I think it's just about time for the annual Babylon 5 rewatch.

Yes. Yes, I believe it is.

ETA: Oh hell. I posted that before seeing that Jeff Conaway just passed away at 60. Rest in peace, Zack.
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I have been ranting on twitter ALL MORNING about the Terra Nova preview Fox showed last night. I'm sorry to anyone who follows me there.

But I can't stop. That was easily the DUMBEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN.


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