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So the biggish news from Marvel world this week is that Marvel Studios got back rights to Daredevil and Punisher. (I hadn't heard the news about Punisher until reading that article! I'm one the dozen that actually liked Warzone, but it was doomed to rebootdom since Ray Stevenson is Volstagg now. Hope they can do something good with Frank.)

This of course means I was correct that we will in fact never get Clint sniper dueling Colin Farrell's Crazy Irish Bullseye across Manhattan. But you know what we could get if Marvel keeps the script idea for Daredevil that was floating around before Fox lost the rights, a Frank Miller-influenced story set in the '70s? (Which I thought was an interesting take, since the Hell's Kitchen of today is much more gentrified than in Daredevil's best stuff.)

If Marvel Studios does a 1970s set Daredevil with Bullseye as the villain (and why wouldn't they?), they could totally reveal Bulleye to be Clint's dad.

Huh? HUH?

*goes back to porn writing*
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Today we have the third of the six Bulldog Drummond serials in this collection, with John Howard, Louise Campbell and John Barrymore all returning, and I just finished it five minutes ago and still don't exactly know what just happened.

The story begins with, as always, Drummond and the lovely Phyllis about to get married, this time in Switzerland, and they receive a large, artificial diamond as a wedding present. It turns out the scientist father of a friend has invented a (entirely fictional, mostly handwaved) process for creating diamonds with SCIENCE! And CHEMICALS! As you do.

To the shock of no one except the characters involved the head of - I forget the actual title, so let's say Diamond Stuff - for the British government goes, "Whoa, whoa, whoa," steals the diamond and makes back for Britain. Then follows a conspiracy plot where the government tries to pay the kindly old scientist to destroy his work so the world's diamond economy doesn't go kablooey (he refuses, of course, because he does this for SCIENCE, not money). In a fit of pique the scientist calls his American rival, asking to borrow equipment so he can make the Biggest Diamond Ever to show those meddling officials, and when Rival Scientist lands in the country the bad guys immediately bribe him to keep quiet about how they're going to kill the poor old scientist. To the surprise of exactly no one Rival immediately goes, "Yes, please give me money."

There are about 1000 characters in this and I'm wondering if the producers of the Drummond series were handing out notes to punch up the action; there were two car chases, an explosion, and one of the more ridiculous fight scenes you're ever going to see (Drummond, armed with a Errol Flynn-style rapier, fights bull-whip wielding Rival Scientist.) Oh, and some truly painful slapstick.

John Howard is charming as ever, but poor Phyllis Campbell doesn't get to do much more than scream and John Barrymore is in so few scenes that I couldn't even be sad for him (and his character is written so differently from the previous serial that it took me a second to realize he was playing the same person.

Up next: Bulldog Drummond's Revenge (1937), starring John Howard, Phyllis Campbell and John Barrymore
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Today's selection is another Bulldog Drummond serial, this time from 1937 and again starring John Howard but with Louise Campbell in the role of Phyllis and John Barrymore(!) as Colonel Nielson. Also, I have a new icon for this project!

Oh, John Barrymore. There are few things sadder than a great actor reduced to slumming in dreck and Barrymore may be the definitive example. By 1937 when this film was released alcoholism had reduced the Great Profile (and there's even an off-hand reference to that in the film) and greatest Hamlet of his day to scattered character roles and slashed his salary from a height of $30,000 a week in 1930 (over $410,000 in today money) to $5,000 in 1941 when he made his last film ($78,000 today.) So there's a certain sadness in watching him act in something this forgettable, even if he does seem to be having fun with it. (The role offers him a chance to play with makeup and facial prostetics, one of his favorite things - Barrymore was the original matinee idol who'd go out of his way to ugly himself up for roles.)

So we're back to the intrepid Captain Drummond and his various crime fighting sidekicks. The plot this week is pretty straight forward: the widow of a criminal Drummond helped send to the gallows decides to get revenge by kidnapping the luckless Phyllis and staging an elaborate cat and mouse game with Drummond. You know. As you do. She has a partner in crime who's apparently Russian but is so heavily made up that at first I thought the actor was in yellowface but no, apparently this is what 30's B movies thought Russians looked like. Tonally I thought this was a lot more consistent than last week's even though the plot wasn't nearly as interesting, and poor Phyllis got even less to do. She could literally have been a recording yelling "Help!" for most of this without any changes to the plot - and yet the beginning with her and Drummond was pretty charming, mostly because John Howard really does a nice job of making Drummond convincingly besotted.

Also, I am convinced one of the writers for the Adam West Batman series sat through this film as a youngster because the villains' plan was completely from the Riddler's playbook. The riddles! The puns! The leading the hero into a death trap! So imagining a young Eddie Nygma imprinting hard on this little piece of fluff lent some extra amusement to the proceedings.

Up next: Bulldog Drummond's Peril (1938), starring John Howard, Louise Campbell and John Barrymore. (sigh)
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Guys! GUYS!!!!



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So as previously threatened, for the 100 Things challenge I'm reviewing my way through the Mystery Classics 100 Movie Pack, and first up is a 1939 serial called Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police, starring John Howard, Heather Angel and Reginald Denny.

So before anyone asks, there's no actual "secret police" in the movie. I don't know if that term had a less sinister connotation in 1939, but the title comes from a throwaway scene where Drummond and his sidekicks all band together to catch the killer in the dead of night. I confess, this is my first time hearing of the Drummond character but after a quick visit to wikipedia I can see how why he'd be called a kind of proto-version of Bond and Doc Savage - he has that suave veneer Bond's made famous and his crew definitely reminds me of Doc's running buddies.

(You see that a lot in Golden Age comics, now that I think about it: everyone has a crew. It's a lot more common nowadays for a hero to have a sidekick or two, but a lot of modern age supporting casts don't really join the hero in the adventure as often as you used to see. Excepting Batman of course, which is always my favorite part of his Lone Warrior Of The Night routine. It's right up there with John "Only Trust Family" Winchester having so many old friends it seemed like "Sam and Dean run into an old friend of John's" was happening every other week for a while.)

Anyway, the plot's fairly basic: Drummond is set to finally marry his long suffering fiancee Phyllis (there's a montage from previous Drummond serials showing previous wedding attempts ending in various disasters) and the two of them are touring his new(?) estate while Phyllis' aunt sniffs at everything and tries to talk her niece out of it. A character makes a comment that one of Drummond's best talents is getting into trouble when he's about to get married and the pattern holds true: a professor contacts him to say he has a book with a cipher that, if he can crack it, will lead to treasure hidden in one of the walled-off rooms. (Three guesses what happens to the professor once he cracks the code!) Before long it becomes apparent there's a killer afoot who also wants the treasure, they realize the killer's in the house, the lovely Phyllis is kidnapped and the chase is on.

What struck me most about this is how...I think the word I'm looking for is jaunty the whole thing is. I'm used to PIs being a lot more noir flavored but for all the murder and theft and fist fighting in underground cisterns this is a pretty breezy affair. And there's some really abrupt tonal shifts; there's a lot of slapstick, especially when the professor character is introduced, then in the middle of all the English butler jokes constables are getting shot in the garden and everyone just stands around seeming mildly inconvienced. And at the same time it really set me back on my heels to see the hero just straight-up shoot the bad guy as soon as he had the opening; there's the bones of James Bond and Doc Samson.

Phyllis was kind of a thankless role (complete with the always odious sub-plot of "we have to be nice to your old maid aunt or she'll whisk you away, because Heavens, you can't be here without a chaperone!") but once she stumbled on the bad guy and got kidnapped she actually got some interesting things to do as she tried to talk him down. I think the story would have been stronger without the "funny" marriage plot but that seems to be in the DNA of the character so I'll have to get used to it. There's a bunch more where this came from on the set.

Up next: Bulldog Drummond Comes Back (1937), starring John Howard, J. Carroll Naish and Louise Campbell
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Just got back from the Avengers. Non spoilery reaction: So Good. There was nothing wrong with that movie.

More spoilery reactions. )

Not going to be able to sleep for a awhile, so I'm just going to post my [livejournal.com profile] super_disney fic. Please excuse the spamming!
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[livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang progress:

I think my icon speaks for itself.


I'm pretty sure everyone's seen this, but just in case:

Honestly, I'd love a SHIELD movie, just two hours of Coulson and Widow and Hawkeye being awesome without the superheroes getting their nonsense over everything.
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[livejournal.com profile] sncross_bigbang progress:

I'm now on the last chapter and plan to get at least another 2K down tonight (there's a hurt/comforty bit up next and I'm hoping that flows pretty well.) I'm really, really hopeful I can finish this weekend so I can dive into [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang.

People, please, never let me sign up for this many things again.

Also, while I have not seen this week's episode yet I've spoiled myself just enough know that my favorite bit of S7 fanon has apparently become canon. I no lie clapped my hands like seal when I found out.

In less squeeful news, apparently no Hunger Games tomorrow. Aw well. This give me time to run to the comics shop, I guess.


I watched Hour of the Gun on TCM on demand this afternoon (because I will watch anything involving Doc Holliday and not starring Kevin Costner) and I think it's actually slashier than Tombstone. I did not think that was possible. There's a scene where Doc confronts Wyatt about his mad vengeance quest - Wyatt has so far gone out of way to kill everyone associated with Ike Clanton instead of arresting them - and tries to get Wyatt to take a swing from his whiskey flask. When Wyatt refuses Doc needles him more, telling him "If you're gonna kill like me you might as well drink like me, too."

And then there's another scene where Doc tries again to pull Wyatt back, telling him if he kills Ike without even the paper sanction of the law there's be no coming back, that the law means too much to Wyatt and, I quote, "You can't live the way I do." I lost count of how many scenes there were of Doc just skulking around watching Wyatt and a good chunk of the movie is just the two of them alone, together on the hunt.

Also, movie, you can't have Wyatt Earp gun down Ike Clanton in Mexico and still claim "This is how it really happened." Really, now.
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I cannot adequately express how happy this existing makes me:

Ahem. As you were.



I'm retreating to my spoiler proof bunker now to write All The Words. Love your spoiler cuts and don't burn the internet down while I'm gone!
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I finally saw Tangled! It was just as cute as everyone said it would be. I actually liked it a lot more than I did The Princess and the Frog (which I also liked! but I also thought it was a very careful movie, if that makes any sense? Like they made sure to hit all the Disney notes point by point. If the whole movie had been as cool and daring as the art deco scene and the "Friends on the Other Side" song it would have been a stronger movie. I digress.)

cut for spoilers for the three people who still haven't seen it )


I was looking up angel names today and came across this:

Elemiah – Angel of Inward Journeys
Traditionally believed to watch over and protect those who travel by water. Guides us to retrieve insights from our subconscious minds.

"Traveling my water" you say. (AND subconscious insights!) *files away for future use*


So I finished my outline for my [livejournal.com profile] sncross_bigbang and, um...guys, should outlines be 1300 words? I think I'm doing this wrong. Now I'm trying to avoid the mistakes of my Outrun My Gun outline, where I'd write "Dean and Cas haunt Sam as he summons crossroad demons, goes hunting, etc." and that would mutate from one line in the outline to pages and pages and pages in reality, but I'm starting to get worried on just how long this is going to be.(!)

(For anyone not already bored to death, I "outline" by basically writing a one sentence or so summary of each scene. For example (not from anything): "Dean and Cas realize the room is trapped but can't get out of the way before ring of fire catches them both - they go back to back as the demons swarm in and then FIGHT." Sometimes a line or two of dialogue if I want to make sure I remember it.

This is a lot of scenes, is what I'm saying!)

*despairs of what the [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang outline will look like.*

*starts working*

Vid Rec!

Aug. 28th, 2011 01:20 pm
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I loved THOR!

I loved loved loved Loki in that movie.

And I love Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks."

So I've like [livejournal.com profile] pinkfinity a vid FOR ME.

All the Other Kids

Watch and be happy too!

(As a side note, in my head Tom Hiddleston in that movie is what Jesse Turner grows up to look like.)
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For those B5 (and Grease and Taxi) fans who may have missed the news, Jeff Conaway died Friday at the age of 60.

On Babylon 5 he played Zack Allen, and one of the joys of that show was watching Zack grow from Security Guy #2 to Chief by the end of the series. Zack didn't have an epic destiny, he didn't face down gods or lead armies or become a prophet. He didn't even get the girl (although I would have liked that story for Lyta a whole lot better than the Byronic mess her life turned into.)

Zack's role was more important than that. Zack was us, the audience, the guy who went to work everyday, tried his best, and had to make all those everyday decisions that come with that. How good intentions can go south, and how much it sucks to have to stand up to your peers and coworkers and tell them they're wrong.

You were the best, Zack. When B5 was put in your hands we knew she'd be all right.


Doing the rewatch and seeing Kosh again in all his cryptic glory really struck home for me that the reason Dean/Cas pinged so hard for me was because it reminded me so much of Sheridan and Kosh. (Which just means I have a type.) The cryptic, unknowable orders! The frustrations and misunderstandings and ~destingy~ and tragic sacrifices!

I wish Sheridan and Dean could sit down and talk. John could probably give him some good advice.


Watching All Quiet On The Western Front on TCM, a movie that frankly is kind of a miracle. This is a war epic made one year after the advent of sound and so much of the vocabulary of modern cinema is already there. You can see so many war tropes --- the salty scrounger, the naive recruits, the corrupt, distant officers and jaded veterans --- being codified right before your eyes.

The 30's were a fantastic time for film, sheer experimentation in the beginning and subversion at the end.
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Just got back from Sucker Punch. Really, really liked it, but then, I would. There's very little bad I can say about a movie that has here be spoilers )

I want one of those Fight Like a Girl icons with Baby Doll.

So sleepy.
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Finally saw the Reboot!Nightmare on Elm Street last night and I actually really enjoyed it. I know, the blasphemy.

I'm not saying it's a GOOD movie, mind. )


Gah. All my writings are coming out stupid today. Work, stupid words!


Has some enterprising SPN fan made an angsty Dean/Cas vid to Sara Bareilles' "Gravity"? Because really, someone should.

Lyrics cut )

*adds to playlist*
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I had a dream last night I was watching a game show on what I guessed was Animal Planet. It was some variation of Wipe-Out; the contestants had picked out animals they wanted to adopt and if they got through the course the fees would be waived and they would receive free food and vet care for a year. There were the usual schmoopy videos featuring the contestants and the adorable animals, and I'm pretty sure one woman was talking to the (visible) ghost of her dead husband.

So that was odd. Although I would definitely watch that show. Even with the ghost.

A meme! from [livejournal.com profile] hako_neko

2. I will give you a letter.
3. Post the names of five fictional characters and your thoughts on each.

[livejournal.com profile] isilrandir gave me S.

Susan Ivanova: (Babylon 5) Always obey the Babylon 5 mantra: "Ivanova is always right. I will listen to Ivanova. I will not ignore Ivanova's recommendations. Ivanova is God. And if this ever happens again, Ivanova will personally rip your lungs out."

Simon Archard: (Ruse, CrossGen Comics) Simon is all of Sherlock Holmes worst character traits dialed up to eleven: he's arrogant, rude, incredibly impressed with himself and ruthlessly brilliant. His assistant is essentially a god and even that barely impresses him. I adored Ruse and Simon was my favorite character in CrossGen. Needless to say I'm over the moon that Marvel is restarting Ruse in a few months. Simon is going to break the world. It will be awesome.

Saitou Hajime: (Rurouni Kenshin) If they could create a character expressly for me, Saitou is what they would come up with. Principled and ruthless and defined by his personal definition of honor, Saitou is my favorite character in all of anime and he's easily in the top ten of favorite characters ever. And no one works a cigarette like him.

Sarah: (The Crow) Oh, my girl. You can't imagine how distraught I was when I saw Crow 2 and witnessed what they did to my street-smart, caring, brave little kid. The idea of her mentoring a new Crow was a good one --- I just wish the execution hadn't been so wretched.

Seth Bullock: (Deadwood) I love conflicted lawfuls. You show me a character who's trying hard to deny his impulse to make things right, who just want the world to leave them be, who's torn between what they've been told and what they feel (oh hi, Cas), and I am there. Bullock spends the entire first season trying desperately to not be Deadwood's sheriff --- except that he leads the posse after Wild Bill's killer, continually butts heads with the town's criminal elements and can't keep his nose out of everyone's business. By the end of the season it's clear to everyone that he's the only man for the job --- and then Bullock's real problems start.:)


I have WIP-itis. And I'm pretty sure I'm writing something only I will ever want to read. Send help.
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I didn't get a single trick-or-treater this year! Not one! And I bought all this candy! (I know, my life, so hard.)

I'm celebrating the way I do every year, watching A Nightmare On Elm Street 1 & 3, and it's making me crave fic where Sam and Dean have to deal with Freddy. If only the parents had known to salt and burn the remains (not that they weren't already burned, but you know what I mean)! Or if Nancy's mom had just burned his glove instead of keeping it in the basement! This all could have been avoided!

ETA: I'm at the part where Nancy's rigging her room to catch Freddy and the girl would have have made one hell of a hunter. This is all right around when John had just started out hunting --- maybe she got to teach him a few tricks about taking out evil spirits.:)
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This week's [livejournal.com profile] fannish5: Every bad movie or series seems to have one character that's too good for it, or even makes an otherwise dreadful thing worth sitting through. Who are your five favorite characters from things you otherwise hated, or would have hated without them?

mild spoilers for The Postman, Wing Commander, Forgotten Realms, Boondock Saints and Jumper )
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So my character broke just a little bit last night.

Read on for a tale of carnage and woe. )


So I signed up for [community profile] kink_bingo, because I am a fool.:)

Bingo card under cut )

I didn't get anything that actively squicks me, luckily. And now I'm wondering if the shadowy tendril things the Void started manifesting towards the end would count for "tentacles":).


This quote about the upcoming Crow reboot fills me with horror:
    Also different is Norrington’s approach to the production design, which diverges from the film’s original look as established by Alex Proyas, and his take on the “Crow mythology”: “"The Crow itself is a creature in this movie—it's not just a bird," Pressman said. "It's got a personality and a character. Not like Godzilla exactly, but it's very different [and has] a more active role in the story."
(full article here.)

That means it's going to talk, people. Ye gods.
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They Live! I love this movie. Roddy Piper and Goliath team up to fight aliens!

Has anyone ever heard those blood drive radio ads featuring the Red Defender? I like imagining he's from the Doctor Horrible universe, purely because that would mean he would be forced to socialize with Captain Hammer. And Red Defender has such horrible luck (for example, after saving the Earth from an asteroid only to accidentally destroy the moon: "Where did you throw that asteroid?" "Away. I threw it...away.") that I can't see Captain Hammer helping. Even if everything did go right on one of their team-ups, I'm sure Captain Hammer would somehow wind up hogging all of the credit.


Speaking of unlucky superheroes: spoilers for Siege 4, Sentry: Fallen Son and Dark Avengers )
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I had no idea just how geeky the casting for the new Nightmare on Elm Street is. Over the course of the film Rorschach will get to slice and dice:

    Emmett from Twilight. (It is Emmett, right? Unless [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda's writing it I don't know from Twilight.)

    John Connor from Sarah Connor Chronicles.

    Blonde Ruby from Supernatural

    Bart Allen from Smallville

And that's without counting Clancy Brown, better known as the Kurgan and the voice of Lex Luthor in everything. The only one of the main cast who doesn't have some sort of geek cache is the girl playing Nancy (which is hilarious, considering that if the movie stays true to the original she'll be the one to make it out. Maybe that's the secret?).


I feel like some kind of weirdo because I really liked "Victory of the Daleks --- more than "The Beast Below," which I liked quite a bit. spoilers for 5x03 and the preview for 5x04 )


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